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Mental Health Action Week? – Now you might be thinking: “What is that supposed to mean? Bloomy Days actually sends flowers. ”Yes, that’s true – but we at Bloomy Days recognize our social responsibility and therefore want to use our reach to deal with socially important topics on our channels.

One of these issues is mental health, which we consider part of our own Campaign theme self-love see. After all, it’s not just important that your body is doing well. It is just as important that you also take care that your soul is well.

That “Action Alliance for Mental Health“Organizes the” Mental Health Week “nationwide every year. Under the motto “With strength through the crisis. Staying healthy – also mentally ”this year, those affected and experts will discuss the connections between Corona and the psyche. In the campaign period from October 9th to 20th, psychosocial institutions, self-help organizations and regional initiatives offer a wide range of smaller events and innovative online formats, which include practical help and information on how to deal with the crisis.

You can find the program on the central platform of the Action Alliance for Mental Health.

You can also on October 9th via livestream be there at the kick-off event.

Mental Health Action Week Bloomy Blog - Mental Health Action Week -
Flower subscription handover to Prof. Dr. Andreas Bechdolf, chief physician for psychiatry, psychotherapy and psychosomatics im Vivantes Clinic Am Urban.

Because we at Bloomy Days are convinced that flowers bring joy and simply make you happy, we have various psychiatric clinics 12-month flower subscription given. In addition, we will include a green ribbon with every order from October 7th to 20th – the symbol of the campaign week. Wearing the green ribbon is intended to set an example against discrimination and marginalization of the mentally ill.

If you too would like to make a contribution, then you are welcome to wear the green ribbon – the symbol of the action week – and support the action alliance with a donation. In doing so, you are helping the organizer to carry out campaigns in the future to help people with mental illnesses and their relatives.

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We wear the green ribbon.
1632693825 709 Mental Health Action Week Bloomy Blog - Mental Health Action Week -
Our flower subscription also bears the green ribbon.

What does it mean to be mentally healthy?

Mental health is not easy to define because the assessment of the state of health is based on the subjective perception of the individual. In general, however, one can say that mental health is based on the ability to deal with feelings such as B. Happiness, joy, but also sadness or anger to deal adequately and constructively, reflects. Mentally healthy people usually have a positive self-image, a realistic perception and a good social embedding. In addition, they enjoy dealing with themselves and other people and only rarely have the feeling that they are not up to life.

Why is it important to be mentally healthy?

The soul is in close contact with body and mind. If the soul is sick, this also affects the body and the mind. Therefore it is important to make sure that your soul stays in balance.

How do you stay mentally healthy?

Be careful with yourself

Try to pay attention to your feelings and needs. Listen inside and you will know what is good for you and your soul.

Enjoy the moment

Take your time to enjoy all the things that you experience. It doesn’t always have to be a mega-event. On some days it’s just the particularly delicious cake or the surprisingly nice conversation that you enjoyed.

Be open to new things

Change is good and keeps the mind young. In addition, new things are usually fun, exciting or surprising. All positive feelings that will do you good.

Get creative

Be it painting, drawing or writing: creative activities not only make you happy, but also contribute significantly to your well-being.

Relax yourself

In a stressful and fast-paced everyday life, it is important to take time to relax. Whether yoga, a hot bath or a long walk – taking the pace out of everyday life will do you good.

Are you unsure whether you are mentally healthy?

Then Prof. Dr. Andreas Bechdolf, chief physician for psychiatry at Vivantes Klinikum Am Urbanwho have favourited Offers from soulspaceto use a contact, counseling and treatment initiative for young people.

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