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Let yourself be seduced by the flowery variety! Our blooms of the week “Midsummer Night’s Dream” are this time a rich collection of familiar faces: hydrangea, peony, carnation and chamomile. In our combination, however, unusual and excitingly colorful – a summer eye-catcher for every room!

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The most eye-catching flower this week is for sure the one hydrangea. The flower, which originally came from Southeast Asia, is now available in many different cultivated forms, which differ greatly in their color, size and their preferences in terms of climatic conditions. The hydrangea in our bouquet is a “Magical Charlotte hydrangea” – which can be easily distinguished from the others by its red petals. The hydrangea family is now one of the most popular garden flowers. One reason for this is certainly the beautiful, abundant density of flowers that the plant achieves and its striking size.

The Paeonia Coral Sunset, which is widely used under another name, joins the hydrangea: Peony. Its wonderfully fragrant flowers are particularly large and colorful and stand out from the green foliage. The shape “Coral Sunset” lives up to its name. Their rich red-orange coloring is actually reminiscent of a picturesque sunset by the sea! When the flower reaches the end of its flowering phase, the color of its leaves changes to a soft cream-colored shade.

The third flower of this week is also no stranger: The Dianthos Solo Tropic Butterfly – a type of carnation that sets another strikingly colorful accent with its purple patterned color dress. the clove is the symbol of romance and passion and was already used for perfume by the Romans because of its pleasant scent. Dianthos is derived from the Greek “dios anthos”, which means something like “divine flower” and also indicates its wondrous shape and its fantastic scent. Due to its importance, the symbolic flower was used by painters of the Renaissance particularly often in pictures depicting lovers or bridal couples. Today the carnation is often used in bouquets to create different moods. Depending on the color – the carnation is also available in tenderly lovely – a completely new statement can be created!

Last but not least, an age-old classic among flowers: the chamomile. It is particularly known as a medicinal plant. The all-rounder, which is also at home in Germany, can be found in the great outdoors near fields and meadows, which is why the plant has become rare here due to the cultivation of the fields. The familiar scented flower has a large, yellow-colored flower head, from which the dainty, snow-white petals fan out.

In combination with the other flowers, the chamomile looks very summery and playful and sets a natural accent.

Our vase recommendation for “Midsummer Night’s Dream”

For this bouquet we recommend a table vase with a wide neck so that the bouquet comes into its own.

We wish you a great week and lots of fun with “Midsummer Night’s Dream”!

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