Mimosa (silver acacia) –

Mimosa is a real eye-catcher in the bouquet. Find out more information about the so-called silver acacia here.

Botanical name: Acacia dealbata

Genus: Acacia

Plant family: Mimosa family (Mimosoideae)

Occurrence: Europe
Our “mimosa” is actually a silver acacia, also known under the name “false mimosa”. Its inflorescence is similar to that of the mimosa and it also comes from the mimosa family. The silver acacia originally has its home in Australia, but is now also at home in many southern countries.

The silver acacia contains many essential oils, which also smell wonderful. The oil is used in perfume production, pharmacy and homeopathy. All-natural mimosa oil is obtained by extraction from the yellow flowers and twigs.

Care tips for mimosa

The silver acacia only needs a fresh cut when it arrives. The silver acacia is very delicate and will shrink and dry out quickly. Nevertheless, it keeps the color and you can combine it with other flowers. So it doesn’t necessarily have to be wet.

Mimosa silver acacia Bloomy Blog - Mimosa (silver acacia) -

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