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This week is going to be rosy! With our current BLOOMS of the week “Miss Piggy” you will not only get your money’s worth in terms of color. The scent of this bouquet also enchants your senses.

You will receive this combination from us by October 27, 2018. Order your flower subscription here or change your subscription by Thu, October 25, 2018, choose October 27, 2018 as the delivery date at the latest and look forward to your BLOOMS of the week!

She is the queen of flowers and is an eye-catcher in every bouquet: the rose. We chose the Miss Piggy variety for our bouquet. It bears its name for a reason, its pink-orange flower color is strongly reminiscent of the friendly pig lady from Jim Henson’s The Muppets. Roses are available all year round and come in an incredible range of colors.

The second flower in this bouquet is the little pink one Germini. Their meaning “You make everything more beautiful” makes every face flash a happy smile and in contrast to other flowers, for example the red rose, Germini can be given away to helpful neighbors, dear colleagues or friends without any ulterior motive.

the Alstromerie, also called Inca lily, comes from South America, as the name suggests. Its filigree flowers give the bouquet a certain lightness and the white-pink color goes perfectly with the roses and germini. From around 40 to 60 species, hundreds of varieties have emerged to this day, which make the Inca lily shine in the most varied of facets. In 2010 it was even named the most beautiful flower of the year.

As a little autumn eye-catcher, we have the bouquet Red oak added as an accessory. The dark red leaves loosen up the bouquet and bring autumn into your home.

Our vase recommendation for “Miss Piggy”

For this bouquet we recommend a high table vase with a narrow opening to give the flowers the necessary support.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Miss Piggy”!

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