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If you want to be up to date on the subject of urban jungle, you cannot ignore this plant. The Monstera: a terrifying name and perforated leaves are the hallmarks of this plant buddy. In contrast to its namesake, the monsters, the Monstera is very easy to care for. And the leaves weren’t nibbled on by monsters in the jungle either. Those who still cannot believe it today: There are no monsters. Spoiler: by the way, neither does Santa Claus.

Here are a few facts about the trendsetter among buddies. Monstera is the botanical name of the window leaf genus. This includes around 31 to 60 species. Most people should already be familiar with the Monstera as an it-piece for the urban jungle.

The Monstera is originally found in the tropical areas of Central and South America and on the Caribbean islands. But they are also at home in the not far away Mediterranean region.

Random Fact: Unlike other plants, the delicious window leaf (Monstera deliciosa) does not initially grow towards light, but towards darkness. So it’s the hipster in the jungle. When the plant has found a suitable tree to climb up, like everyone else, it strives for light with the current.

As already mentioned, the Monstera likes it simple. Your place in your room should be bright but not exposed to direct sunlight. You can find more tips and tricks about care on our Care tips page.

As a Monstera beginner, we can offer you our little ones “Monkey Mask” Mats (also called “triple M”) from our range of plants. The little one and his siblings are always looking for a nice home. He also likes to join his big sister Anna or his green friends Lutz and Rudi. Because you have to know: Green houseplants are pack animals: Sometimes he also likes to hang out with you Jeremy or Pascal from, although some of them are too aloof for him.

We know what you’re going to do next summer … get yourself a Monstera houseplant! Or simply today via ours Online shop.

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