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Gifts for Mother’s Day from BLOOMY DAYS
Mom is the best and not just once a year! With a lot of passion and attention to detail, we have created two bouquets that are sent once or can be the start of a subscription: “Best Mom” ​​and “Thank You Mom”! And so that Mamis will remember this Mother’s Day twice, when you take out a subscription you will receive one of two wonderful gifts. Either an exclusive, gold-plated bracelet with the imprint “BEST MOM” by the Berlin designer ellisue or a lanyard that is also decorated with the words “BEST MOM”.

The lanyard is made of floral fabric and also bears the words “BEST MOM” in pink embroidered letters. These were made in the Berlin workshops for people with disabilities (BWB).

Mothers Day Gifts Bloomy Blog - Mother's Day Gifts -

It was very important to us that we support local institutions with a social background with our Mother’s Day products – for this reason we also decided in favor of the BWB. This offers people with disabilities the protected space to test themselves in working life and to develop their own skills.

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BWB has been present in Berlin for over 40 years and with seven locations. Over 1,500 places give disabled people the opportunity to lead a self-determined life.

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Discover the great gifts for Mother’s Day from BLOOMY DAYS right now. In addition, you will of course receive fresh flowers of the season. This combination will definitely make your dear mom’s heart beat faster. And with the BLOOMY DAYS flower subscription, you can easily surprise your mom with fresh, seasonal cut flowers and show her how much you think of her at regular intervals. You decide whether the flowers should be delivered to your mom weekly, every two weeks or once a month and whether she should receive short-stemmed flowers for the table vase or long-stemmed flowers for the floor vase – that’s it. We’ll take care of the rest for you! Try it!

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