Mustache (Dianthus barbatus) | Flower lexicon and more

Mustard carnations are easy-to-care for cut flowers that are beautiful to look at in the garden and in the vase. Find out more information about the popular flower here.

Botanical name: Dianthus barbatus

Genus: Carnations (bot. Dianthus)

Plant family: Carnation family (bot. Caryophyllaceae)

Occurrence: Pyrenees, Eastern Carpathians, Balkans, Manchuria, Russia, China

Mustard carnations are beautiful to look at in the vase and are also extremely easy to care for. Whether as a cut flower or in the garden, you can hardly get enough of looking at them.

Mustard carnations are typical summer flowers that bloom from May to early autumn. They belong to the genus of carnations in the carnation family (bot. Caryophyllaceae). The homeland of the bearded carnation are the Pyrenees, the Eastern Carpathians, the Balkans, Manchuria, Russia and China. They are persistent and undemanding, group plants with an irresistible scent.

Mustard carnations bloom in the most beautiful summer colors: They are available in red, pink, purple, white and green. In addition, they can be two-tone, spotted, striped, filled or unfilled. You can find them mainly in typical cottage gardens. The natural flowering time of carnations is late May to July. However, due to the greenhouse culture and the consequent advancement of flowering, they also exist from January to July.

Care tips for cloves

Mustard carnations have lanceolate leaves that cover the entire stem. Make sure that you remove the leaves before you put them in the vase, otherwise they can quickly start to rot.
Cut the flowers diagonally with a sharp knife and place them in fresh, clear water. If you only change the water every two to three days, it will be enough to enjoy them for a long time, because the mustard is extremely undemanding.

Mustache Dianthus barbatus Flower lexicon and more - Mustache (Dianthus barbatus) |  Flower lexicon and more

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