Nerine (Guernsey Lilies) –

The nerine is a type of lily and makes every flower vase shine. Find out more information here!

Botanical name: Nerine

Genus: Guernsey lilies

Plant family: Amaryllis family (bot. Amaryllidaceae)

Occurrence: South Africa
Nerines are also called Guernsey lilies and are a genus of plants belonging to the amaryllis family. The genus name Nerine is derived from the Greek sea nymphs, the Nereids. Nerines originally come from South Africa, where they are distributed with 15 species. Despite their exotic appearance, nerines are not summer flowers because they bloom extremely late, around September, and are therefore very valuable.
Their flowers resemble very fine lily flowers. The bright pink shines from afar and the flowers stay in the vase for a very long time.

Care tips for Nerine

The beautiful nerines are very easy to care for. When you arrive, just cut freshly, fill the vase with fresh water and repeat this process every two to three days. You will enjoy them for a long time.

Nerine Guernsey Lilies Bloomy Blog - Nerine (Guernsey Lilies) -

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