Nigella (maiden in the green) –

The nigella looks a bit like a gooseberry on a stick. Find out more information about the “Jungfer im Grünen” here.

Botanical name: Nigella damascena

Genus: Black cumin (Nigella)

Plant family: Buttercup family (bot. Ranunculaceae)

Occurrence: Mediterranean area
Most of you are more likely to know Nigella by her German name Jungfer im Grünen. It originally comes from the Mediterranean region, but quickly found its way into our gardens at home. It belongs to the buttercup family and has its flowering time from June to autumn. The flowers of the maiden in the green shine in blue, pink and white.

Care tips for Nigella

Freshly cut the summer asters and Nigella capsules with flower scissors on arrival. Remove any leaves that are still on the end of the stem, as these will affect the quality of the water if they come into contact with the vase water. Change the water every other day with a fresh cut.

Nigella maiden in the green Bloomy Blog - Nigella (maiden in the green) -

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