Organization system with tips for storage in the storage room and kitchen ›dreieckchen

ADVERTISING | Not only since Marie Kondo ** did we know that creating order makes you happy or even “kindles joy”. It also makes everyday life incredibly easier if you don’t have to rummage through the utility room or clear out the pantry in the kitchen to find something. Spring cleaning made easy with the practical labeling device: With my tips for an organization system with storage boxes in the Ivar shelf system and the IKEA kitchen, tidying up is even fun.

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Since our apartment does not have a basement, it was important to me to set up a clear organization system. Everything has its place in our utility room. In the basement you usually only store things that you no longer need and then forget that you still have them. As you may remember, in my last post about our utility room you could already take a look at our Ivar shelving system from IKEA.

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For our open kitchen-living room, we have carefully thought about the topic of storage space in advance in order to make the most of the space. There is space for crockery and cutlery in the drawers of our IKEA kitchen, as well as spices, supplies and sorting of rubbish.

Practical labeling device for storage boxes and storage jars

If you have properly mucked out and tidied up after the spring cleaning, it is a good idea to stow these things in suitable storage boxes and crates and label them in such a way that you can find them again. I can recommend the P-touch Cube ** from Brother for beautiful and clear labeling.

With the handy labeling device, you can not only print on ribbons in different colors, but also select the font and font size. I decided on black, white and matt-transparent tapes, which can be easily exchanged by changing the tape cassette.

I have linked the tapes I used here again:

Via Bluetooth, you can conveniently control the P-touch Cube ** using the smartphone app, enter your text, have the tape printed and cut. Thanks to the split backing paper on the back, the sticker can be easily attached to trash cans, boxes and storage jars.

Organization tips for the utility room

Stow items that are not used in everyday life in storage boxes.

In addition to sorting storage boxes for waste glass, returnable bottles and paper, we have also stowed kitchen utensils here that are not used that often, such as baking pans.

The Ivar shelf in the storage room is also home to my large collection of vases, flower pots and decorative items such as candles. But also the medicine cabinet or useful things like utensils for cleaning shoes or kitchen rolls find their place in the storage boxes.

Organization system with tips for storage in the storage room - Organization system with tips for storage in the storage room and kitchen ›dreieckchen

Since I can’t stand something standing around on the floor, we have also added a hook rail here to hang up cleaning utensils, shopping baskets and bags.

Tidying tips for the kitchen: sorting out rubbish, organizing supplies and spices

Tip for an open kitchen: tidy everything up immediately

The nice thing about the open kitchen: It connects living and dining areas and creates a large common space. What is not so nice about it: You can still see the kitchen chaos after cooking from the couch. That’s why we’ve got used to stowing everything back on the spot or directly in the dishwasher.

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The uniform fronts of our IKEA kitchen ensure a uniform appearance. Behind it we hide, for example, our garbage storage under the sink. So that guests also know which rubbish belongs in which container, I have labeled them accordingly. The labels can also be wiped off in case something should go wrong.

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Upcycling with a difference: I stowed our spices in old, rinsed glasses and labeled them. The matt-transparent labeling tape is ideal for this. With the spice inserts you immediately have all the spices in view and the next cooking evening becomes a culinary adventure.

1632413446 956 Organization system with tips for storage in the storage room - Organization system with tips for storage in the storage room and kitchen ›dreieckchen

Which organization tips do you prefer to use to create order in your utility room and kitchen?

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