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Exotic floral magic, grace and a sweet fragrance: This week our BLOOMS of the week “Oriental Dream” with the majesty of flowers come straight from the Orient!

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Originally the lily from the Balkans. However, it was quickly spreading to the rest of the world. No wonder: According to legend, the lily is even of divine origin, as it was made from drops of the mother’s milk of the Greek goddess Juno.

Because of its seductive and beguiling scent, the lily has been one of the most popular flowers for making perfumes for decades. Hildegard von Bingen recognized the healing properties of the lily, whose sweet scent was used as a reliable remedy for depression and heartache. Allegedly, the smell of lilies even gives a protective veil that keeps worries and negative energies away. Whether for protection or to seduce – its extraordinary and intense scent makes the lily a fundamental component in the magic box of every perfume manufacturer!

Its intense colors also make the lily a breathtaking natural wonder. The pink leaves of our BLOOMEN of the week adorn the pistils, which shine in exotic orange, with graceful grace. The color pink here symbolizes elegance and majesty. However, the lily is a flower with many meanings, practically any occasion is suitable for it. Thanks to its various intense colors and its noble, exclusive charisma, the lily is often given away on special occasions around the world. The pink lily in particular symbolizes femininity, purity, dignity and love. Incidentally, the importance of femininity already existed among the ancient Greeks and Romans, where young brides were given a crown of lilies to guarantee a pure and fruitful life. If you get it as a gift, the pink lily expresses admiration and devotion.

The lily is very easy to care for and therefore functions perfectly as a cut flower. In order to enjoy it for a long time, the lily should stand in a bright place and receive fresh water every day. An insider tip from us: With a splash of lemon juice or vinegar in fresh water, the lily can last for up to 14 days.

Divine origins and oriental grace: with our BLOOMS of the week you are guaranteed to get a bouquet full of extravagant floral magic this week!

Our vase recommendation for “Oriental Dream”

For this bouquet we recommend a table vase with a wide opening so that the individual flowers come into their own.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Oriental Dream”!

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