Look beautiful in your floor vase: lilies

HAPPY BLOOMY BIRTHDAY! On the occasion of our 3rd birthday, the BLOOMS OF THE WEEK for the floor vase and the table vase are a revival of our very first bouquet “Original Love”, which unfolds its beauty through wonderful red lilies and lovely birch. We wish you a lot of fun with our BLOOM OF THE WEEK!


Elegance and perfection – wherever lilies have their beauty, they attract everyone’s attention. So it’s no wonder that the lily was chosen as the flower of kings. Lilies (bot. Lilium) belong to the lily family (bot. Liliaceae) and include around 110 species. Because of their attractive appearance, lilies have always been very popular ornamental plants. The genus has its evolutionary origin in the Himalayas. In the meantime, however, it can be found on all continents of the northern hemisphere, preferably in climatically temperate zones.


There are several stories about the lily. One says that the power of the milk of Hera, the patron goddess of marriage, created the Milky Way. However, some of their milk is said to have dripped onto the earth and the lily emerged from it. Others say that the lily came from the Orient, where it was bred for its beauty and fragrance. In the imagination of the Romans, Venus had turned a particularly beautiful girl into a lily out of jealousy. The lily also appeared in the ornamentation of the Egyptians, where it became the symbol of royal dignity and the coat of arms for Upper Egypt.

No matter which story you want to believe, the lily is and remains a majestic beauty with elegance and perfection.


Lilies are great eye-catchers in both floor and table vases. You can easily trim the lilies should you prefer a different floral arrangement this week.


Cut the lilies and birch trees diagonally with a sharp knife and place the stems in plenty of fresh, cold water. The lilies will draw a lot of water in the first few hours. Watch the water level and add more water if necessary. You should prune the stems of the lilies every two days. However, when the flowers are fully open, we recommend only topping up with water and not moving the flowers too much. If you move too much, the pollen will be lost on the petal, which can cloud the perfect picture a little. It can also leave its mark on clothing and tablecloths. You can also remove the pistils with the pollen with a small pair of scissors, but the lily shines a little more with the pistil than without. If the pollen does get onto your clothes, it is best to use tape and simply peel off the pollen. This reduces the later stains enormously or does not allow them to appear in the first place.


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