Our tulip arrangements 2020 –

1632964891 740 Our tulip arrangements 2020 580x460 - Our tulip arrangements 2020 -

Tulips: When the Christmas mood fades in early January, their flowers awaken in the frosty cold. We love tulip arrangements and their diversity: whether in monochrome or intense colored tones, they impress with their spring-like appearance.

Our tulip arrangements 2020 - Our tulip arrangements 2020 -

The popular spring bloomers are now also available in our shop. You can get them in a soft powder pink, bright white or in a colorful variation. You can find our tulip arrangements from now on here.

Did you know that every tulip color has its own meaning? So that you are spot on with your selection, we would like to inform you here about the meanings of our three bouquets:

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Our “Sweet Spring“Consists of at least 35 white tulip stems. A white tulip represents endless love and affection, similar to the meaning of the red rose. Furthermore, white tulips can also symbolize a sincere apology and sincere regret.

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Our bouquet “Pure tulips“Consists of at least 40 brightly colored tulip stems and is therefore the harbinger of spring. It expresses zest for life or thirst for action and is therefore the ideal gift for a birthday or for recovery.

1632964891 740 Our tulip arrangements 2020 - Our tulip arrangements 2020 -

You can find pink tulips in our online shop under the name “Simply Perfect”. The arrangement consists of at least 38 tulip stems. They stand for a young, awakening love and tender feelings as well as romance. If you have butterflies in your stomach at the moment, you should definitely use this bouquet.

Please do not let yourself be restricted by the meanings of the tulip arrangements. No matter how you feel about the recipient – he will be happy about every selection, we promise you! Of course, you can also make yourself happy and bring spring into your home.

By the way: Individually in small glass vessels of various shapes and sizes, the tulips also look very stylish as table decorations and can set accents in the whole apartment.

Tip: When you arrive, cut the flowers fresh with a sharp knife and then place them in a vase with cold water.

In our Online shop More beautiful bouquets and dried flowers await you. So feel free to drop by and find the right gift for every occasion or inspiration for your own four walls.

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