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A modern fairy tale of yellow roses and delicate flower stars: The BLOOMS of the week “Penny Lane” are of course beautiful this time and exude a good mood!

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Named after Charles Bouvard, the royal personal physician to Louis XIII, is the Bouvardia almost a small prominence among the flowers. The plant, whose delicate appearance is particularly popular in festive arrangements, originally comes from warm South and Central America and occurs in around 51 different species. The color spectrum of its tiny, star-shaped flowers ranges from white to red to pink, and multicolored petals can also appear. Bouvardia is one of the red family, a genus of plants to which the coffee plant also belongs and is particularly noticeable for its pleasant scent. With its lush green foliage and radiant flower stars, the flower, which was originally only used as a cut flower, is also enjoying increasing popularity as a houseplant.

One Climbing rose with the name “Penny Lane” is the second flower in this week’s bouquet and a real wonder of color! The rose type has a large flower and particularly dense petals, which gives the flower its classic ‘old’ look. Penny Lane is best known as a decorative wild growth on railings, rose arches and pergolas, where the climbing plant can fully develop its fairytale effect! The color of the petals is bright yellow, which gives the classic flower a modern and eye-catching look, which nevertheless does not lose its elegant effect.

This week, the Goldenrod. The inconspicuous plant first made its way from Canada to Europe in the middle of the 15th century, although initially little attention was paid to it there. It was not until the 19th century that it slowly spread through the gardens of European society and is now a frequent guest in the great outdoors. With its golden yellow, arched flower heads, which consists of a multitude of tiny flowers, we encounter it particularly often on the wayside, as well as on meadows and farms. As an element in bouquets, the goldenrod acts as a bright splash of color that exudes a special naturalness.

Together, the BLOOMEN of the week result in a color-intensive mixture that combines modernity, elegance and naturalness into a summery spectacle.

Our vase recommendation for “Penny Lane”

For this bouquet we recommend a table vase with a wide neck so that the bouquet comes into its own.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Penny Lane”!

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