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Botanical name: peony

Genus: Peonies

Plant family: Peony family (bot. Paeoniaceae)

Occurrence: temperate and subtropical climates in Europe and Asia

For a short time each year, we enjoy a very special flower – the peony. When spring is already in full swing and summer is already in the starting blocks, it sweetens our lives.

The peony rightly bears its name, because it is the rose of spring and its glowing flower balls attract everyone’s attention. The peony, bot. Called peony, it is the only genus of the peony family (Paeoniaceae) and for many it is one of the most beautiful flowering plants in gardens and in vases.

The color spectrum ranges from white in double, half-double or simple flowers to light, to dark pink, coral pink, to bright red to deep dark red. Also in the variants filled or unfilled.

Care tips for peonies

The peony is very easy to care for. Cut the peonies diagonally with a sharp knife and put them in the vase. Change the water every now and then and you will have a lot of fun with them.

If the peonies look a little limp after a few days, please remove all the leaves on the stem, cut the flowers fresh and let them soak in plenty of water. The magnificent flowers require a lot of water, sometimes the leaves on the stem absorb so much water that the flower can no longer be fully supplied. After removing the leaves and a fresh cut, the flower recovers splendidly.

Sometimes it can happen that the flowers of the peonies stick together a little and then do not open. A small splash of water will help here and these flowers will open after a short time.

Peonies Bloomy Blog Flower tips and more - Peonies -  |  Flower tips and more

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