Planning a dream wedding: Lots of tips on the budget and timeline

Planning a dream wedding Lots of tips on the budget - Planning a dream wedding: Lots of tips on the budget and timeline

Almost every bride wants her absolute dream wedding. Everything should be perfect and unique, nothing is left to chance. But sometimes it is above all the costs that ultimately cause certain ideas and wishes to fail. In order to be able to finance the wedding, solid and realistic budget planning is important. The earlier and more professionally you plan your dream wedding, the sooner you can fulfill all your wishes. We have some budget and schedule tips to keep in mind.

Planning a dream wedding: Budget calculation is the most important thing

When it comes to love, no one likes to talk about money. But it is necessary, because a wedding is an expensive undertaking. In any case, it is advisable to set the budget about a year before the wedding. A professional budget planner is very helpful for this. Think about the maximum amount of money you want to spend and, above all, how much money you have available for hosting the celebration. In order to be able to plan the wedding costs realistically, you should really not overlook any cost items. Not only catering, location, wedding dress and decoration cost money, but also for the registration at the registry office, for the limousine or carriage and for the overnight stay of non-local guests and much more must be taken into account. There are more hidden costs to a wedding than you might think.

When planning the wedding of your dreams, most couples don’t want to do without. It has to be the dream location with a view of the lake, the beautiful princess dress and an elegant wedding menu. But if you find that your own budget is not enough to be able to fulfill a wedding according to your wishes, you have to think about what steps you want to take next. If it is possible for the bride and groom’s parents, they are usually happy to support their children by contributing generously to the wedding costs. But of course this financial support is simply not possible for everyone.

If you really don’t want to hold back on some of your wishes, it may be worth finding out about a wedding loan in order to be able to finance your wedding. As with any loan, you must also be aware that it will ultimately cost you more than without a loan because of the interest. In addition, a solid repayment plan should be made in advance that does not overly burden the everyday life of the couple. Because when marriage begins with months of deprivation, it can be an uncomfortable and unsettling start to married life. You should definitely keep this in mind when planning your dream wedding. Getting your finances under control is not that difficult.

Planning a dream wedding Lots of tips on the budget - Planning a dream wedding: Lots of tips on the budget and timeline

Wedding dress for the dream wedding: potential for cost savings

A crucial question when planning the wedding is the search for the dress. Around 13 percent of the total budget goes to the bride’s wardrobe, which includes far more than just a dress. Tailor alterations, shoes, hairdressing and make-up also apply. On the other hand, only around 7 percent of the total budget is earmarked for the groom’s wardrobe.

You can save on wedding costs by upcycling your wedding dress. The modern altered wedding dress of mum or grandma can not only awaken touching memories at your own wedding, but also provide special emotional moments. If no such dress is available, there are also beautiful second hand dresses to be found. For many brides it is almost unthinkable to wear another woman’s wedding dress. However, it may well be that you actually find your absolute dream dress this way – and at an affordable price. So it’s worth poking around a bit. And after just one day, the wedding dresses are actually still like new.

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Planning your dream wedding: times and deadlines

There is a lot to do in the initial planning phase and it should start no later than 12 months before the wedding. For a long time, May was the most popular month for weddings, but many bridal couples now choose September. Important planning steps at the beginning include:

  • Finding an appointment: It is now high time to find the right date for the wedding ceremony. Find out how far in advance it is possible to book a fixed appointment at your registry office and make a note of this in your calendar.
  • The wedding location: A castle in the mountains? A lakeside villa? A luxurious hotel? Planning a dream wedding also means that you should start now to obtain offers, compare and book the desired location for the wedding day. Particularly popular wedding locations are fully booked well in advance.
  • The guest list: A rough overview should be given long before the invitations are actually created. After all, this is also necessary for planning the catering costs.
  • The budget planning: The budget should be at least eight months before the big day. If a wedding loan is required, it is advisable to take it now.
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Half a year before the wedding: it becomes concrete

The most important steps must be specified at least six months before the wedding. In Germany, it is possible to book the appointment at the registry office six months before the actual date at the earliest. The church wedding can be planned earlier. When planning your dream wedding, the following steps should be completed at least six months in advance:

  • Create finished guest list: Now it’s time to edit and flatten the first guest list. The final list should be ready half a year before the wedding, the guests should already be prepared for the date.
  • The document check: Is the identity card still valid on the day of the wedding? What documents does the registry office need for the marriage? The earlier the steps are completed, the better.
  • The search for the groomsmen: An important position that is up for grabs. It is important that the witnesses are asked in good time so that nothing goes wrong on the wedding day. Most witnesses are willing to help with organizational matters in advance and also on the wedding day.
  • Choosing the wedding dress: The wedding dress should be chosen at least six months before the wedding, because possible changes and delivery times can take up to four months.
  • Booking of services: Whether catering, floral decorations or music – all service providers that are required for the big day should be inquired about and booked now.
1645177019 794 Planning a dream wedding Lots of tips on the budget - Planning a dream wedding: Lots of tips on the budget and timeline

Planning your dream wedding: The final steps

Around three months before the big day, planning becomes precise. Now is the time to have the wedding rings engraved, to plan the program of the celebrations in detail and to order the wedding cake. In the last two weeks before the big day, it’s all about coordinating the decorations, writing cards for the seating arrangements and getting feedback from the guests. The day of the wedding then almost always comes faster than expected and every bridal couple is very happy when they start planning their dream wedding on time.

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