Planting roses: instructions, timing and proper care

Planting roses is not that difficult if you take a few things into account. We explain when and where it is best to plant roses and how to care for them properly.

Planting roses: the right time

Planting roses instructions timing and proper care - Planting roses: instructions, timing and proper care
Remember to always wear gloves when planting the roses. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / cocoparisienne)

When is the best time to plant roses depends on whether you are growing them out of the pot or not. Potted roses have root balls. On the other hand, you buy bare-root roses in the shop without a root ball.

If you want to plant the roses out of the pot, you can do that all year round, even during the blossom. The only requirement is that the ground is not frozen.

You can plant bare-root roses in spring, but fall is even better. The plants then come fresh from the fields, while the spring plants have spent the winter in cold stores. Since the roots are free, drought damage can quickly occur. If you buy bare root roses, you should plant them immediately.

The right location for your roses

1656877243 413 Planting roses instructions timing and proper care - Planting roses: instructions, timing and proper care
The right location is important to get beautiful, healthy roses. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / stephansander56)

You can plant roses both in the bed and directly on the lawn. They also thrive in pots, as long as you choose a sufficiently large and deep plant pot and a robust rose variety.

  • The perfect location for planting roses is neither too sunny nor too shady.
  • In addition, roses do not like it completely windless, but also not too drafty.
  • The best location for your roses is facing south-east or south-west and is airy. So they are not exposed to the strong midday heat.
  • In addition, the roses should have a sufficient distance to neighboring plants. Plant them in an airy place with plenty of space so the leaves can dry out and fungus does not develop.
  • You shouldn’t plant roses under trees. First, the flowers there don’t get enough sunlight. Second, it allows raindrops from the treetop to drip onto the plant, which then takes much longer to dry.
  • Locations where roses or rose plants have been standing for a long time are also not suitable. The roses have withdrawn nutrients from the soil for years, which cannot be compensated for by fertilizing.

The right soil for planting roses

  • The soil should be loose and permeable. So it can absorb the water optimally and there is no waterlogging.
  • In addition, the soil should be rich in nutrients, well aerated and mixed with humus. The optimal pH value is between 6 and 7. There are different ways to determine the pH value of your soil. You can take a soil sample and have it analyzed by your local recycling center or chamber of agriculture. You can also buy a soil tester at a hardware store or use indicator paper to check.

How to plant roses out of the pot

1656877243 394 Planting roses instructions timing and proper care - Planting roses: instructions, timing and proper care
Remember to water the roses adequately. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Ratfink1973)
  1. Soak the roses in a bucket of water for a few minutes. When no more air bubbles rise, you can take the roses out of the water and repot them.
  2. Dig a planting hole about 40 centimeters in diameter. It should be so deep that the roots do not buckle under any circumstances.
  3. Fill a scoop fresh compost soil in the planting hole.
  4. Now place the rose in the planting hole. The grafting point should be two inches below the soil surface. You will find the spot as a thickening above the roots.
  5. Fill the planting hole with soil, but not to the top.
  6. Gently press and water the plant.
  7. Once the soil has settled, fill in the remaining soil.
  8. Depending on when you plant the roses, you should pile them up: if you expect frost, cover the plant with soil about 15 centimeters high. This serves as protection against wind and cold. If the rose sprout and no more frost is to be expected, you can remove the mound.

How to plant bare root roses

  1. Shorten the shoots of the plant to about 20 centimeters.
  2. Place the roses in the water for several hours.
  3. Dig a planting hole about 40 centimeters deep.
  4. Place the rose in the planting hole. The roots must hang straight down. The grafting point should be five to ten centimeters below the surface of the earth.
  5. Press soil against the sides of the plant’s roots.
  6. Water the plant adequately.
  7. Finally, pile 8 to 12 inches of soil around the rose’s shoots. This will help the roses grow better.

The right care for your roses

1656877244 883 Planting roses instructions timing and proper care - Planting roses: instructions, timing and proper care
Burlap protects your roses in winter. (Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Hans)


  • In the beginning, you should water your roses sufficiently on a weekly basis. The roses need enough water to penetrate to the roots in the lowest layer of soil.
  • Later it is sufficient if you water them during prolonged drought, preferably in the morning.
  • water the roses Not via flowers and leaves, as this can promote fungal infestation.


  • Prune the roses in spring to keep them healthy and blooming profusely.
  • Remove dead branches with secateurs (you can get them from **Avocado store).
  • Always wear gloves so you don’t injure yourself on the thorns of the roses.
  • Shorten the shoots of the previous year by about a third. Cut them just above the eye. You can recognize the eyes by small red or green bulges. The new shoots grow from these places on the rose branches.
  • Trim all other shoots to three to five buds; This allows new shoots and flowers to form.


  • Roses require sufficient fertilizer. Compost, humus or horn shavings are particularly suitable.
  • Fertilize the roses for the first time after spring pruning.
  • Next time you should fertilize them after the first flowering. This gives the plants enough nutrients to produce more flowers.


  • Pile up soil or compost around the stem of the rose in winter to protect it from frost.
  • To protect the crown of roses, you can jute or use burlap that you carefully place over the crown and tie at the bottom.
  • You should definitely avoid plastic wrap. Condensation will form under plastic, which can freeze and damage your plant.

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