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This week we are sending you a long-stemmed bouquet, a colorful and cheerful combination of snapdragons, solidago and artichoke. The bright colors of this bouquet cheer us up and remind us of cozy evenings in the lukewarm late summer sun. Enjoy the last summer days and bring a late summer mood into your home with “Pure Delight”.

You will receive this combination from us by 09/11/2017. Order your flower subscription here or change your subscription by Thursday, 07.09.2017, choose the delivery date 11.09.2017 at the latest and look forward to your BLOOMING of the week!

Not just on our plates artichokes something very special, they are also a real eye-catcher as a cut flower. This frost-sensitive plant is mainly found in the Mediterranean area and it belongs to the thistle varieties. The artichoke used to be a symbol of prosperity and wealth, which is why this plant was only found in the gardens of nobles. The artichoke is wonderfully suitable as a dried flower, just put the stems in a vase without water and enjoy the sight of this wonderful flower. Further information and care tips for artichokes can be found here.

Solidago we are also known as the lush yellow of late summer and thus fits perfectly into our late summer bouquet. As a cut flower, Solidago is very easy to care for, just make sure that the leaves do not protrude into the water, otherwise they can start to rot. Read more information about Solidago here.

Delicate Snapdragons together with the playful Solidago and the extraordinary artichoke form a wonderful picture and put the finishing touches to “Pure Delight”.

Our vase recommendation for “Pure Delight”

For this long-stemmed bouquet, we recommend a higher floor vase with a wide opening, which can provide sufficient support for the artichokes.

And now we wish you a great week and lots of fun with “Pure Delight”!

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