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This week, contrasts meet: deep blue meets violet-pink, lush meets elegant restraint. Our BLOOMS of the week “Purple Madonna” are particularly diverse and still result in a picturesque harmony of bright, romantic flowers!

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With a diameter of up to 25 centimeters, the flower heads are the hydrangea especially noticable! The huge balls consist of a multitude of small flowers that appear in spring in red to pink, over white to extraordinarily green and even blue. In the course of its flowering period, the hydrangea changes its color spectrum, so that it loses its bright summer color in the second half of the year and occurs primarily in dark red and various shades of brown. Once the hydrangea flowers have dried up, they are still suitable as a wonderful decorative element, as their flowers do not lose their striking shape. The lush appearance of the hydrangea exudes abundance, from which its meaning “grace, gratitude and beauty” can be derived and makes it a popular gift.

The blue iris is the second BLOOME this week. The filigree plant is known to most by another name: the iris. With its slender appearance and delicate flowers, the lily exudes a special majesty. In contrast to the hydrangea, the iris does not impress with its sweeping flowers, but rather sets a modern accent with its deep blue, luminous petals, which at first glance appear inconspicuous and yet elegant.

In addition to the strong color contrast of pink and deep blue, this week there is another beauty that is a rather rare visitor: The Liatris, also called splendid saddle. The unusual inflorescences of the flower, which originally comes from distant North America, appear almost a little magical. Only on closer inspection do you notice the multitude of tiny flowers, which usually come in soft pink to purple tones. Butterflies also love the splendid slit and crowd around the spike-shaped flower heads in the great outdoors. In the bouquet, the liatris, whose ears can reach a height of up to 120cm, are particularly expressive and add a playful accent.

Our vase recommendation for “Purple Madonna”

For this bouquet, we recommend a table vase with a rather narrow opening to give the flowers the necessary support.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Purple Madonna”!

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