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Two types of lilies that are so different: Our current blooms of the week “Purple Star” prove once again how diverse the world of flowers is!

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the Agapanthus, also known as African lily, originally comes from South Africa and found its way to Europe in the late 17th century. Once there, due to their rarity, they could only be found in luxurious gardens for a long time. The unusual type of lily, which literally means “love flower”, is usually presented in a pale blue to dark purple color. Its spherical head is particularly noticeable: each of the small, colored flowers sits on a five to eight centimeter long stem that emerges in a star shape from the flower stem. With a total height of up to one meter, the agapanthus is also noticeably large and a popular garden plant due to its frost resistance and dense foliage. In the vase, the African Lily thrives particularly well in a sunny to partially shaded spot and impresses with its special shape.

As you can guess from the name, the pink one belongs Bambino gladiolus, the second flower in the current Bloomy Days bouquet, belongs to the small gladiolus species, which in turn belong to the iris family. The pale pink to pink flower is widespread: the over 200 wild species are found in southern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. There is even a species native to southern Germany! Because of its rarity, however, it is strictly protected in this country and not easy to find. The gladiolus flowers grow on both sides of the stem, a striking shape that gave the plant its name: “Gladius” comes from the Roman and means “short sword”.

The gladiolus is a popular element in summer bouquets because its color spectrum is particularly diverse and the individual flowers are even multicolored! Together, the African lily and the gladiolus form a very harmonious unit this week, which once again conjures up the wonderfully fragrant summer and conjures up a little color accent in your own four walls!

Our vase recommendation for “Purple Star”

For this bouquet we recommend a high table vase so that the bouquet remains compact and comes into its own.

We wish you a great week and lots of fun with “Purple Star”!

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