Put together a gift box for the bride, maid of honor & Co.

Everyone is sure to be happy about a special gift. It is of course all the nicer when someone makes a little more effort and a few thoughts for a very individual gift box. We present a few tips on how you can put together an individual gift box for the bride, maid of honor or others.

An individual gift box has the advantage that every item in the box fits perfectly with the recipient. Especially with sets, it is known that there are sometimes a few parts that are actually not needed. This is exactly what does not happen to you here, as you can choose each part yourself.

Put together a gift box for the bride maid of - Put together a gift box for the bride, maid of honor & Co.
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DIY gift box

Before you think about the contents of a gift box, you will of course first need a corresponding box. This should not be too big, but also not too small. If the box is too big, you have more filling material than gifts. If the box is too small, in the worst case it can happen that the lid can no longer be closed properly.

It is especially nice when the box can be personalized. This is not laborious and can be achieved quickly and easily with a name sticker stuck to the lid. You can find suitable DIY gift box sets for do-it-yourselfers at MoonlightCrafts.

However, if you should rather have two left hands while doing handicrafts, you will find the gift box there ready-made and labeled in the shop. Ordered together with your desired items, the completely filled gift box will then be sent to you. On request, however, it is also possible to send the gift to the person to be gifted.

1632642499 383 Put together a gift box for the bride maid of - Put together a gift box for the bride, maid of honor & Co.
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Contents of the individual gift box

The content of your individual gift box should perfectly match the recipient. So if you want to give a box to an expectant bride, then for example things like

  • a dressing gown,
  • a personalized clutch,
  • a mug or a mug
  • and maybe a wedding countdown

very nice. Especially the personalization makes the gifts very personal. The articles are of course not only suitable for the bride. They also fit perfectly in a gift box for the maid of honor or for the bridesmaids.

Depending on your budget, you can put the content together freely. It is even nicer if you include a short personal letter. Sometimes a few words that are kind and heartfelt are the best gift ever. When ordering, please provide a personal greeting message, which will then be included in the package.

Gift box as a wedding countdown

An individual gift box for the bride can also be used as a great wedding countdown. The maid of honor is happy to give something away to the bride in order to increase the anticipation of the wedding from week to week. You can find 10 gift ideas for the wedding countdown box for the bride in this post at MoonlightCrafts.

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