Ramen in Vienna: the top 5 restaurants

Last Updated on: 29th October 2021, 8:52 am

Ramen in Vienna the top 5 restaurants - Ramen in Vienna: the top 5 restaurants
Where can you get the best ramen in Vienna? We’ll tell you the top 5 ramen Vienna! Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) fazeful

Pho was yesterday, today we sip ramen with enthusiasm. In the truest sense of the word: The HEROLD has tested an unbelievable number of restaurants in Vienna for you that are either completely dedicated to this Japanese dish or offer it on the menu. The best of the best made it into our recommendation list: We’ll introduce you to the best ramen in Vienna!

Where can you get the best ramen in Vienna?

Of course there are more than five and I’m pretty sure that there will be a few more noteworthy restaurants with a focus on ramen in the next year or two, probably in the federal states as well. But at the moment it tastes best in these five ramen restaurants.

1. Karma Ramen

The Russian guys from Karma Ramen sparked the hype about Japanese noodle soup in Vienna in 2015, that’s for sure! At the beginning the kitchen performance was wonderful in my perception, then it fluctuated a little every now and then. The restaurant on Wienzeile is smart and well suited for beginners.

On the menu, for example, is the Tokyo ramen with shoyu ramen, chashu pork, egg, menma, soy bean sprouts and spring onions. Vegetarians and vegans will also find something here.

Contact: Karma Ramen, 1050 Vienna

2. Mochi Ramen Bar

What excitement was that among the foodies when on that Front yard market the place opened its shutters for the first time! But they can also cook really well, the people from mochi and they are also inventors. Please do not ignore the tapas and desserts over all the glory of the soup!

Contact: Mochi Ramen Bar, 1020 Vienna

3. Shoyu ramen

You can find it in the middle of the first district Shoyu ramen. If I were to work at the First, it would be my first address for the lunch break. Be bid nine different ramen. The soups are either pork, chicken or vegetable based. There are also deposits made from meat, seafood or vegetables. The noodles are homemade, the ambience isn’t quite as chic as others, but it’s a family business.

Contact: Shoyu Ramen, 1010 Vienna

4. Okra Izakaya Bar & Restaurant

Actually, it all started with a grill. But it is only heated in the evening in the Carmelite quarter. At lunchtime, the same care is taken in the preparation of ramen as for all the other wonderful Japanese delicacies served here. And there are cooking classes too!

Contact: Okra Izakaya Bar & Restaurant, 1020 Vienna

5. Oreno ramen

If you are in the mood for really creamy ramen, Oreno Ramen in Vienna’s 8th district is in good hands. There is not only excellent ramen here, you can also expect a hip ambience.

Contact: Oreno Ramen, 1080 Vienna

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