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Ranunculus are beautiful cut flowers that make every vase shine. Find out more information about the popular flower here.

Botanical name: Ranunculus asiaticus

Genus: Ranunculus

Plant family: Buttercup family (bot. Ranunculaceae)

Occurrence: subtropics
Ranunculus belong to the buttercup family (Ranunculaceae), which the ranunculus owe to their bird-foot-like leaves and, with their romantic double flowers that are reminiscent of silk roses, are among the most beautiful spring flowers. Because with ranunculus the longing for colors can be satisfied.

There are over 400 species worldwide, and 139 species are known in Central Europe. Their original home is in the Near East and their natural distribution area in the Mediterranean area, in north-east Africa and in south-west Asia. The ranunculus paid tribute to European gardeners and breeders at an early stage and was becoming increasingly popular.

In the 18th and 19th centuries it had almost the same status as the tulip, but then unfortunately it was somewhat forgotten. Today it is an indispensable part of gardens and vases. Because it enchants and inspires with its splendor of colors and its decorative flower shape.

Care tips for ranunculus

The ranunculus is a very delicate flower. The stems don’t break, they get mushy. If stems are damaged, simply cut them shorter and put them in small vases in the kitchen or bathroom. They then open up wonderfully.

You will enjoy the ranunculus for a long time if you cut the stem ends again and put them in a clean vase with fresh water. Do not fill the vase with too much water, because the hairy stems of the ranunculus do not tolerate it so well. The ranunculus likes to drink a lot. So you should fill up with new water every now and then so that you don’t get thirsty. The flowers stay beautiful for a long time if they are not too warm and not in a draft.

Ranunculus Flower tips and more - Ranunculus - | Flower tips and more

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1637895666 649 Ranunculus Flower tips and more - Ranunculus - | Flower tips and more

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