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You can look forward to a rosy week! Our current BLOOMS of the week “Rosy Stars” combine in a particularly delicate, romantic color harmony and smell incredibly good. You will be enchanted!

You will receive this combination from us by 08/11/2018. Order your flower subscription here or change your subscription by Thu, 08/09/2018, choose 08/11/2018 as the delivery date at the latest and look forward to your BLOOMS of the week!

The queen of flowers does the honors this hot summer week and refreshes the BLOOMEN of the week with her elegant white flower dress! Roses are not only the most popular flowers of all, they also have a long history: people in China began to cultivate the beautiful flower in their gardens around 5000 years ago. Today there are around 30,000 different types of roses! Her best-known association with beauty and love comes from ancient Greece, where the flower was not only used to mark soldiers in victories, but was also connected to the world of the gods and became the symbol of the goddess of love Aphrodite.

The flower began to be used for perfume production early on because of its pleasant scent, which for a time turned it into an absolute luxury good. Depending on the color, the rose is assigned a certain meaning: if you give away classic red roses you express your love with them, in their white form, as in the bouquet of the BLOOMEN of the week, it stands for purity and dignity, while yellow roses stand for friendship.

The second flower this week is the pink Bouvardia. The flower variety from Central America is a close relative of the coffee plant. Above all, it enchants with its tiny, star-shaped flowers, which contrast beautifully with the intense green foliage of the flower. The small flower stars are available in a diverse range of colors from white to pink to various shades of red. Previously rarely found in our houses, the Bouvardia is now enjoying ever greater popularity, not least because of its pleasant and intense fragrance!

So this combination is not only something for the eye, but also for the nose. ?

Our vase recommendation for “Rosy Stars”

For this bouquet we recommend a table vase with a wide opening so that the bouquet comes into its own.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Rosy Stars”!

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