Scrapping in the photo album

scraping is much more than just pasting a collection of beautiful photos into an album. A scrapbooking is a story that is told through photos, motif paper and other accessories.

Diverse when scraping, but stay on topic!

This page reflects two themes. On the one hand the puppy and on the other hand the color choice. Although the blue of the paper used is very dominant, high-contrast punched parts were used to create eye-catchers when scraping, which creatively loosens up the overall picture.

FotoalbumshopdeBlog Scrapping in the photo album - Scrapping in the photo album

With this layout, I first divided the page in the photo album into two areas. The light brown reflects the coat color and the blue contrasts with the green lawn. The striped motif cardboard forms the bridge so that both shades of color ultimately find each other harmoniously.

Maybe you choose a completely different color combination. Just see what you like and what colors go best with your photos.

The spiral album I used has a size of 30 x 34 cm. This gives me an area of ​​approx. 30 x 30 cm for pasting and designing.

If you scraping If you are unsure about the allocation of space, then first lay out all the individual parts and move them back and forth until you like the result. It is also helpful if you make a sketch beforehand. Once the background papers and photos are fixed with glue, it is difficult to make corrections afterwards.

Step 1:
Now start with the background papers. Cut the right strip to 14.5 x 30 cm and round the left corners slightly. For the vertical banner you need a strip of paper measuring 11 x 30 cm and a strip of paper measuring 10 x 24 and 9 x 23 cm. Cut out a triangle from the two blue pieces of paper at the end, as shown in the picture. Then fix all strips on the page.

1646115439 59 FotoalbumshopdeBlog Scrapping in the photo album - Scrapping in the photo album

A slip pocket for memos and reminders

Step 2:
Then print out the photos measuring 10 x 7.5 cm and fix them to a piece of plain photo cardboard measuring 13.5 x 8 cm. Leave a little more space on the left. Now attach the photos to the page to form a pocket. You can then insert a tag or a note. Punch out the hearts with motif punches and fix them with glue at the edge.

1646115439 928 FotoalbumshopdeBlog Scrapping in the photo album - Scrapping in the photo album

Step 3:
Then download the template from the paw and print it out on photo paper. Cut or punch them out and attach them to a 7.5 cm diameter circle. Attach the paw below the banner.

Finally, you can write on the side with a paint pen and paint on the little paws.

It’s perfect when it’s a little imperfect…

A scraped page thrives on looking a tiny bit imperfect and homemade. Therefore, let “five” be just. What really matters is making the album with love and creativity and not following strict instructions. Therefore, everything I show here is for inspiration only. So if you don’t get the same paper or you don’t like the colors, then don’t be afraid to start with your own ideas! You don’t have to learn scrapping, it is created by the selected photos, different papers, tools such as motif punches and the like.

Which album:
Every album has its chocolate sides and regardless of the use, the appearance always plays a role. While photo albums used to find their main place in the closet, nowadays they are integrated into the existing decoration. It therefore makes sense to find out about the different albums in advance.

The great advantage of the classic book bound albums lies, for example, in the robustness of the cover. The real spine of the book also blends in beautifully with any bookshelf.

screw albums are characterized by the fact that the number of pages — whether black pages or white pages — can be expanded. Matching refill sets are available from us at any time. This flexibility in the photo album design makes it possible, especially when scraping, to adjust the height of the screw album according to your needs. It grows, so to speak, over the year.

1646115439 298 FotoalbumshopdeBlog Scrapping in the photo album - Scrapping in the photo album

spiral albums, not only look good, but also impress with easy page turning and convenient handling. Because the big advantage of a spiral album is that the album can be opened completely and laid flat on the table. The spiral makes it very easy to turn the pages and the album then remains in this position.

Of course, that was only a brief glimpse. If you want to know more, in Fotoalbumshop.de you will get a large amount of useful information about the various albums, their uses and tips for possible finishing.

I wish you a lot of fun creating your album.

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