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Snowball enchants every bouquet of flowers. Even if the cut flower is not that easy to care for, it looks beautiful! Find out more information here!

Botanical name: Viburnum

Genus: Snowball

Plant family: Musk herb family (bot. Adoxaceae)

Occurrence: Temperate to subtropical zones in the northern hemisphere
The snowball belongs to the musk herb family (Adoxaceae) and is a woody plant with beautiful flowers. It owes its name to precisely these flower umbels, which look like snowballs. It is available in a wide variety of types and designs and is known by many names. Snowball noose, water snowball, water holder and deer holder are just a few of them.
The same variety is hidden in the color palette that it has to offer. We decided on a rich, spring-fresh green that goes perfectly with the limitless variety of colors of the carnations. The snowball is also a very practical herb, because the twigs are quite flexible and used to be used for weaving baskets and other everyday objects. It was also customary to use the infusion of the leaves to combat diseases of the mouth and throat.

Care tips for snowball

The snowball is a little more special and sophisticated than other flowers. But if you handle the snowball correctly, it will shine in its splendor.
Cut it again and best of all hammer something on it. No kidding, if you have a hammer on hand, always up on the handle (below). A glass or a schnitzel knocker is also possible. It is important that you break the outer membrane of the wooden handle so that it can absorb enough water. You should repeat this scenario if the good in the vase looks limp.

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