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From the tiny, golden yellow flowers of the wild yarrow to the large, deep blue flowers of the magical delphinium to the always romantic chrysanthemum: Our blooms of the week “Splashing Dolphin” invite you to dream!

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With its deep blue and eye-catching shape, the first thing that catches the eye this week is the “Delphinium Peace of Nations”. The perennial species, initially cultivated in stately gardens, is better known under the name “delphinium”. They come in over 350 different types and countless shades of blue. The bell-shaped flowers sit on a kind of long flower stalk that can be up to a meter long. The has its botanical name Delphinium Incidentally, from exactly this stem: with a little imagination you can see the shape of a dolphin in it!

In the past the delphinium was said to have a protective character, which is why it was often bought or kept in the garden to keep all kinds of mischief away from the household.

The “Chrysanthemum Balthasar” joins the delphinium this week. the chrysanthemum originally from China and Japan and found its way to Europe around 1700. Its name is made up of two parts: “chryso” for “golden” and “anthemom” for flower. This name, which comes from the Greek, can be justified by the first wild form of the chrysanthemum, a simple, yellow-gold flower. The flower symbolizes happiness and health and is a popular ornamental plant in summer bouquets.

Most probably know the third flower of this week from walks in the fields and meadows: the “Yellow yarrow”. It actually owes its name to the fluffy willow animals, which particularly like to use the yellow flower as a forage plant, while its botanical name sounds much more noble: “Achillea Moonshine”.

The yarrow comes in all imaginable colors, from pink to carmine red, and even multicolored flowers occur. In our combination of the week it is a colorful splash of color in a good mood!

The different characters of these colorful flowers combine to form a harmonious bouquet full of tenderness and devotion.

Our vase recommendation for “Splashing Dolphin”

For this bouquet we recommend a table vase with a wide neck so that the bouquet comes into its own.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Splashing Dolphin”!

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