Spring flowers and their meaning

Even if the spring flowers in the winter ground in Germany are still waiting for the first warm days, we don’t have to do without them entirely. Thanks to greenhouses and warmer growing areas, we can already enjoy tulips, ranunculus and other harbingers of spring as early as January. They’ve been spreading this message for centuries, so it’s not surprising that different meanings are ascribed to the different spring flowers. In this blog you can find out what these are and which of these early bloomers you should choose as a gift.

Spring flower Tulip:

No other flower is as associated with a specific country as the tulip. Surely you also know the pictures of the seemingly endless fields of tulips in the Netherlands. The color palette of their flowers ranges from white to yellow, orange, pink, red to violet and even black. The name of the flower goes back to the Turkish word tülbend, which is translated into Persian delband. Delband means something like “beloved”. No wonder, then, that tulips are often given as gifts as an expression of affection. Red stands for love and attachment. Pink symbolizes tender feelings, the beginning of a young love. Yellow or orange represent friendship and sympathy, or finding someone fascinating. So no matter which color you choose, with this flower you send a clear message: I like you

Spring flowers and their meaning - Spring flowers and their meaning
Colorful Tulips

Spring flower crocus:

As a popular early bloomer, the crocus is often found in parks and gardens. With its funnel-shaped flowers in violet, yellow or white, it is particularly noticeable in nature, which is usually still winter at this time. This flower is one of the first to brave the cold season and sometimes even sticks its head through the last snow cover of the year. Thus, it unmistakably stands for hope and joie de vivre. The crocus is often associated with eternal youth, but also with the desire to have more time to make a decision. In addition, the crocus was often planted on graves in ancient times, since it is said to symbolize not only eternal youth but also supernatural life, i.e. life after death.

1643210477 682 Spring flowers and their meaning - Spring flowers and their meaning
Crocuses in the spring sun

Spring flower hyacinth:

The name of the hyacinth comes from Greek mythology. Apollo, the Greek god of the sun, spring and the arts, accidentally killed his beautiful son Hyakinthos with a discus. Grieving for this loss, Apollo turned the drops of blood into flowers. The ornamental plant, introduced in Europe in the 16th century, has become a flower with large flowers and a wide range of colors over the centuries through breeding and selection: from white to yellow, orange and red to violet and almost black is the case with the hyacinth represent everything. Its almost beguiling fragrance gives even the grayest of days a touch of spring. The meaning of this flower is a mixture of affection, peace and beauty. In addition, she represents sincerity, hope and patient waiting.

1643210479 494 Spring flowers and their meaning - Spring flowers and their meaning
Colorful hyacinths

Spring flower snowdrop:

1643210479 196 Spring flowers and their meaning - Spring flowers and their meaning
Snowdrops in the last snow

The name of the snowdrop alone is reminiscent of its bloom in the last snow of the year. As soon as the sun slowly regains its strength, this early bloomer sprout everywhere from the ground. The flower consists of three white outer leaves and three fused green-white inner leaves. The thin and unstable stem of the flower ensures that the flower hangs down. Countless myths and legends are entwined around the snowdrop. Like the crocus, this flower represents hope and new life. In Christianity, an angel turned snowflakes into flowers to give hope to Adam and Eve after they were banished from the Garden of Eden. On the other hand, the snowdrop was also considered a bad omen, as it often grew in cemeteries. The myth says that under no circumstances should you pick them, otherwise it could mean saying goodbye to a loved one.

Spring Flower Ranunculus:

1643210479 884 Spring flowers and their meaning - Spring flowers and their meaning
Orange and red ranunculus

The ranunculus, also known as the Asian buttercup, originally comes from the eastern Mediterranean and the Near East. Since it often grows in swampy areas in nature, its Latin name Ranunculus also means “little frog”. With their lush and colorful flowers, ranunculus is one of the most beautiful flowers of spring. Their meaning reads almost like a love poem: they stand for magical attraction, admiration and attractiveness, even for being completely infatuated with a person. Like the tulip, the ranunculus shines in a wide variety of colors such as yellow, orange, pink, red, white and various tones in between. Would you like to show someone your unconditional and heartfelt admiration? Then a colorful bouquet of ranunculus is the right choice!

Spring flower anemone:

The crown anemone, the most widespread species as an ornamental plant, belongs to the anemone genus. Her name finds its origin in the Greek word anemos, which means “wind”. Like the name of the hyacinth, the name of the anemone also comes from a Greek legend: Anemona was a nymph at the court of the goddess Flora. According to legend, Flora’s husband Zephyr, the god of wind, fell in love with Anemona, whereupon she was transformed into a flower by the jealous goddess. Through targeted breeding, the anemone also inspires with many other colors such as white, blue, pink or violet. Like most spring flowers, this one represents hope, specifically the hope of waiting for love to be fulfilled. Another meaning is the sensuality of the moment and how ephemeral it can be. A symbol for seizing the opportunity!

1643210479 942 Spring flowers and their meaning - Spring flowers and their meaning
Anemones in a meadow

If you thought directly of a certain person with these characteristics, you should surprise them with a spring-like bouquet of flowers. Because all these early bloomers let us forget the cold winter for a short time and give a glimpse of what is to come: the warmth of the spring sun, new joie de vivre and an end to the gray days.

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