Spring in Paris


“Spring in Paris” combines graceful French tulips with fine cherry branches. If this bouquet could tell a story, it would take us through the streets of Paris on a fine spring day. The combination of tall tulips and playful cherry branches looks very noble in the vase and sets a stylish accent in every room.

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The highlight of this bouquet are those French tulips. Unlike ordinary tulips, they are very tall, making them look more elegant and at the same time more extravagant. Depending on the variety, French tulips can grow up to 90cm and are therefore particularly suitable for the floor vase. Among the lily plants, the French tulips are considered the crème de la crème. Further information and care tips for tulips can be found here.

The noble tulips don’t need a lot of accessories to look great in the vase, which is why we are only combining them with playful ones this week Cherry branches. The cherry trees are one of the first fruit trees to bloom in spring, which is why they are also considered heralds of spring. In Japan in particular, the cherry blossom season is a real spectacle and is celebrated extensively. Friends and family meet for the so-called Hanami Festival under or near the magnificent cherry trees to eat and drink and celebrate the beginning of spring.

Our vase recommendation for “Spring in Paris”

For this combination, we recommend a long floor vase that can give the tulips sufficient support so that their heads do not droop. In addition, the vase should be a little wider so that the branches can fall nicely.

Have a great week dear BLOOMIES! We wish you a lot of fun with the “Spring in Paris” bouquet and hope that spring will soon come to you.

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