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Delicate colors and an extraordinary highlight – white gladioli, pink inca lilies and allium. The BLOOMEN of the week “Summer in Paris” this time are an elegant harmony of colors and shapes.

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Visit from the tropics at BLOOMY Days! the Inca lily originally comes from subtropical areas of Chile and was only cultivated as a cut flower in the 19th century. The scientific name is “Alstroemeria” and the plant belongs to the lily-like family and includes around 170 different species. The shape of the Inca lilies, which we know from the beautiful summer bouquets, are hybrids that have been bred in this country and come in all imaginable shades of color. Its delicate flower head is funnel-shaped and impresses with its particularly beautiful center of the flower, which mostly stands out in color from the rest and has dark speckles of color. In the bouquet, the Inca lily looks very delicate and is characterized by a particularly long shelf life.

Allium, also known colloquially as ornamental onion, plays a major role in popular superstition. The plant has been used for centuries to drive away calamities, diseases and witches. This is mainly due to their belonging to the bulb family. Due to the unusual inflorescence, the ornamental onion is a very special surprise within the onion family. The spectacular ball of multiple small single flowers impresses with its intense purple in every bouquet. Like the anthurium, it is characterized by an excellent shelf life and is also very good as a dried flower. To avoid an onion-like smell, it is advisable to put the stems in the water immediately after cutting.

Also there again this week: the popular one gladiolus – but this time in a brilliant white. The South African flower had almost disappeared from our living rooms for a while. What is hardly understandable today was due to the particularly pronounced height that the flower could reach. The plant, which is up to 130cm high, is not suitable for every apartment and only achieved its current popularity with a new, smaller cultivated form. The gladiolus stands for self-confidence and strength, which is due to its outer shape, which is reminiscent of a sword and its strong colors.

Together with the Inca lily, the delicate flower underlines the noble character of the BLOOMEN this week and gives them a stylish accent.

Our vase recommendation for “Summer in Paris”

For this bouquet we recommend a table vase with a wide neck so that the bouquet comes into its own.

We wish you a great week and lots of fun with “Summer in Paris”!

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