Sunny Daffodil


Perhaps you have already noticed – the days are slowly getting longer and the sun is now showing up a little more often. We’re really looking forward to these beautiful things and that’s why we’re bringing the sun into your vase this week. “Sunny Daffodil” is a harmonious combination of daffodils and eucalyptus, which inspires with fresh colors and lively yellow tones. With this bouquet you bring the sunshine into your home and let the anticipation for spring grow.

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Spring can be done without Daffodils hard to imagine. These bright yellow cut flowers are the ultimate heralds of spring and are often called the daffodil. A fresh cut is important for daffodils, then you should dip the flowers briefly in hot water and first put them alone in the vase. After about 10 minutes you can change the water and add other flowers. Further information and care tips for daffodils can be found here.

Sunny Daffodil combines daffodils with delicately scented ones eucalyptus. This plant is probably the best known medicinal plant in Australia and around 600 species are known today. Eucalyptus hardly needs any water and can also be dried easily – if you put the eucalyptus in a vase without water, you can easily add a decorative accent to your own home. You can find more information about eucalyptus in our flower lexicon.

Our vase recommendation for “Sunny Daffodil”

For this combination, we recommend a lower table vase with a slightly narrower opening, which can give the daffodils the necessary support. Please note our recommendations for cutting the daffodils before placing them in a vase with the eucalyptus.

We wish you a lot of fun with “Sunny Daffodil” and of course a nice, sunny week.

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