TDA “Dancis” continues to surprise – the traditional dancer calendar has appeared

TDA "Dancis" continues to surprise - the traditional dancer calendar has appeared

At the beginning of the year, the folk dance ensemble “Dancis” has a 17-year tradition of inspiring supporters and fans with a new calendar. Also this year, the makers of the calendar surprised with ingenuity.

The TDA “Dancis” calendar has been created in collaboration with photographer Jurģis Rikveils for seven years. This time the authors of the idea of ​​the “fashion calendar” Danča are Lauma Šime and Dārta Helēna Jaunalksne.

“For Latvian folk dancers, folk music, steps and folk costumes are commonplace. The national costume, however, is a stage costume, a festive costume. We treat him with special respect and the disguise also gives the dance steps a different weight.

But everyone who knows dancers has surely noticed more than once that we like to incorporate and decorate national motifs in our costumes in every situation in life. Folk scripts give us a sense of home and belonging. Similar to wearing a dancer’s badge. Dressed in folk script, the dancer feels in his own skin.

And in the end – to belong to “Dancim” does not only mean to dance, but to do a lot more with your dance members. For example, to create costumes and take photos for our traditional calendar, ”says“ Dancis ”on Facebook.

The idea to transform the costume came to the photographer five years ago when he was surprised to see the performance of the young dancers at the annual ball of the LU folk dance ensemble “Dancis”. “Surprised, especially with the costumes made tonight. It was very clear that this “save as” idea had to be used in the right place at the right time.

The time was very long and there was a lot of space, but the result is quite interesting, ”explains the photographer on Facebook.

“There are such incomprehensible Latvian national costumes that have been photographed in many ways and photo sessions, but it still inspires! And then the next time comes when something completely unthinkable happens again, ”adds Rikveilis.


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