Look beautiful in your table vase: tulips and blueberries

We BLOOMIES love extraordinary combinations. You have probably noticed that by now. Every week we think again about which BLOOMS we could surprise you with, what you would like and which combinations you would probably never have put together yourself. And since we long for spring as much as you do, this week we’re sending you a wild combination of pale pink tulips and blueberries.


Tulips are one of the most popular cut flowers for a reason. Their diversity of species is astonishingly large: classically goblet-shaped, elegantly lily-flowered, tall and slender, as a graceful wild form, feathered, flamed, filled in bunch or as a soloist – they are all beautiful! The origin of their name can be derived from the Turkish “tülbend” and the Persian “dulband”, which originally referred to a turban. The meaning of the term was probably transferred because of the similarity in color and shape of the tulips to the turban scarves customary at the time of distinguished Ottomans.

Tulips have a very special property: They continue to grow in the vase, or even when they come into contact with water again. For this reason we are sending them without the usual BLOOMY BAG this week. It is therefore completely sufficient for your tulips to get water again at the point of arrival and then to be able to develop freely.

This week we are combining blueberries with the pink tulips. The blueberry (bot. Vaccinium myrtillus) is a very beautiful ornamental wood and is also ideal for being alone in your home. So, were we right? Would you have come up with this extraordinary combination?


Since the tulips also have to get used to the temperature difference between the delivery van and the cozy home or office, we advise you to wrap the tulips out of the bubble wrap and just let them lie for half an hour. Then you can just cut them fresh and put them in a vase with cold water.

Please make sure that the tulips in the vase drink a lot and that the water can be gone quickly overnight!
Blueberries just have the same care requirements as other cut flowers. It is best to cut the branches fresh and then place them in clean, fresh water.


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