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The garden wedding 2022 with exclusive decoration in the Munich area

Garden wedding decoration 2022

With the wedding in your own garden in 2022, sich so many childhood dreams. If the old apple tree in Grandma’s green oasis was already the favorite playground when we were children, it now offers space for a private garden wedding. Memories and traditions often shape one’s own garden and thus advance as a dream location for the wedding. As an experienced decorator, Christoph Anzer is called in as a consultant when the question arises as to whether the garden is suitable for the wedding. It is quickly determined whether there is space for enough people. Where is the appropriate place to dine, where is the best place to house the band and where to dance. With the wedding decoration, the garden is bathed in a romantic light. Or should it rather shine in a bohemian look for the garden wedding or be designed in a down-to-earth, rustic way? Everything is possible with the decoration. The basis for the style of the garden wedding is already laid with the selection of the tables and chairs. But before a bridal couple decides on a garden wedding in 2022, a few questions usually need to be clarified.

The garden wedding 2022 with exclusive decoration in the Munich - The garden wedding 2022 with exclusive decoration in the Munich area

Is it possible to have a civil or church wedding in my own garden?

A civil wedding in your own garden could be difficult. If the garden is within the registry office district, it is up to the registrar to take the time. You should just ask. In principle, a church wedding can take place in your own garden. However, the responsible priest needs a dimissorial (dismissal ticket) if he comes from another parish. The free wedding in your own garden is much easier. Although this has no official meaning, a free wedding speaker can respond individually to the wishes of the bridal couple. Christoph Anzer also decorated the outdoor wedding setting according to the couple’s ideas. Surrounded by flowers, balloons or airy, fluttering fabrics, the couple walks down the “wedding altar in the countryside”.

How much does a garden wedding decoration cost?

If you choose your own garden, there are no rental costs for a wedding location. For this you have to include the rental of seating furniture, tables, crockery, possibly a tent, toilets, radiant heaters, lighting, etc. in the budget. Together with the caterer and decorator, the costs for a garden wedding can be quickly defined. Christoph Anzer has excellent contacts with catering companies in the Munich area. The close cooperation guarantees a perfect process. Flower arrangements that fill the table, illuminated balloons that dance in the treetops, fairy lights and much more are used to decorate the garden wedding with great attention to detail.

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How is a garden wedding decorated?

The bridal couple determines the decoration style for the garden wedding. A picnic in the countryside, a summer festival wedding in Coachella style, a romantic rose wedding and an exclusive white-on-white garden wedding are just a few examples. With an eye on the budget, Christoph Anzer selects the individual elements in order to create an overall impressive atmosphere for the garden wedding. As far as possible, the decoration is already prepared in the flower studio. Depending on the effort involved, work in the garden can start a few days before the wedding in order to then shine in perfection for the event. When decorating the garden wedding, the time of year, wind, sun, mosquitoes, fire protection and much more must be taken into account. Contact us to discuss the decoration for your garden wedding in the greater Munich area and a radius of 150 kilometers.

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