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The Glasses Workshop - The Glasses Workshop.

Since I opened my blog in 2009, we can say that glasses have always been at the heart of my image, a real symbol sometimes going as far as caricature, moreover, did you notice that the logo of my site is a pair of Wayfarer? Nothing could be more normal for this omnipresence in reality, since I had been wearing glasses since the age of twelve, having a cornea so sensitive that contact lenses were not even authorized for me, and everywhere I was seen hidden behind portholes until I operated on them in 2017, an operation that changed my life at the same time as my sight. Since then, the pairs of glasses that you have seen time and time again in my photos have slept wisely in a box stamped with memories, but I have nevertheless given up this accessory which, since it is no longer for me an imperative, has become a pleasure. God Save the sunglasses if you prefer, which I stuffed myself with during the first years after my operation with the appetite of a child deprived of sweets, think, they had long been forbidden to me because of the imposing correction required for prevent me from running into the walls. Since then, without falling into the arch-endianism of supporters of Sunglasses After DarkI wear them quite regularly, having quickly abandoned the fantasy to focus on more elegant (and durable) models, with a big preference for the 70s design.

So that’s how, two weeks ago, I found myself at the Atelier des Glasses in Belleville, in one of the four Parisian boutique-workshops of this house founded in 2015, and which has established itself in the east of the capital, which its founder Driss Faras recognizes for its diversity, its popular roots and its underground bubbling. His leitmotif? State-of-the-art technical know-how and aesthetics. Thus, in this spacious boutique with contemporary decor, it is both possible to carry out an eye examination and to obtain valuable advice on the shape best suited to your face, all in a personalized and warm way, which is not not negligible when dealing with a choice as intimate and engaging as a pair of glasses, especially if they are for sight. As for the models, the Atelier des Meubles offers a sharp selection of twelve designers, including its own brand, Romarin Paris, designed by Driss Faras who signs the creation from A to Z, with a commitment to know-how and durability on each stage. In addition, 80% of the models present in the store, all designers combined, are made in France. For my part, although I found myself very tempted by the huge variety of colored lenses offered, I immediately fell for the Grace model among the Romarin sunglasses. Its design is 70 perfect and they will, I have no doubt, accompany me for a long time! This pair, like each of the other Romarin Paris creations, is available exclusively in the four boutique-workshops Atelier des lunettes, as well as in a fifth which will open in February in the tenth arrondissement.


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