The great wedding stationery guide: With 100 inspirations

The great wedding stationery guide With 100 inspirations - The great wedding stationery guide: With 100 inspirations

A task that gives all brides a lot of joy is the selection of wedding stationery. In addition to the content-relevant topics, quality and design are particularly important. But what actually needs to be taken into account? What design variants are there? What is included in wedding stationery? So that you do everything right and perfectly underline your wedding motto, we have summarized everything you need to know in our large wedding stationery guide.

What actually belongs to the wedding stationery?

Today it is not just an invitation and a thank you card that are sent. Instead, a comprehensive wedding stationery is created that combines a wide variety of printed matter related to the wedding. The important thing is that all prints are similar in terms of color theme and style, and use the same motifs and stylistic elements. The stationery runs through the entire wedding, from the “save-the-date” card, which is intended to announce the celebration to the guests, to the actual invitation card and the thank-you card. Ideally, seating and menu cards should also have the same design. The atmosphere at the wedding is particularly rounded off when the cards on the table are coordinated with the florist. The table decoration shines as if made of one piece. But our wedding stationery guide has many more ideas for you.

The great wedding stationery guide With 100 inspirations - The great wedding stationery guide: With 100 inspirations

Wedding stationery includes, for example

The great wedding stationery guide With 100 inspirations - The great wedding stationery guide: With 100 inspirations

As you can see, there are countless small and large printing works that you can all coordinate with one another. There are no limits to your imagination to create a wonderfully harmonious line. The style and theme of the wedding must of course match the location. This is crucial, which is why we point it out in our wedding stationery guide. If the wedding takes place romantically in a castle, flourishes and noble colors are suitable. A more rustic touch suits a mountain wedding. Boho weddings that pick up on the forest and meadow theme are still very popular. A natural style with playful details goes well with this. From all the wedding stationery, the wedding invitation is the one that stays in the guests’ memories. Therefore, it should be individual, stylish and sustainable. Aside from a save the date card that may already have been distributed, the wedding invitations provide a taste of what to expect at the wedding. Most guests keep invitations, which shows they have some value. Choosing an online provider is certainly a good idea these days. There you can get inspiration from professionals in terms of style, colour, theme, shape and material. The preselection is then individualized. Various types of paper, transparent paper, wood or acrylic, refined or plain, for folding or tucking in offer many choices.

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Our tip:
Something very special are also invitations that contain seed paper. This is placed on the ground and, if watered regularly, will hold a little floral surprise. A delightful idea to get in the mood for the wedding celebration.

1645701590 769 The great wedding stationery guide With 100 inspirations - The great wedding stationery guide: With 100 inspirations

Wedding Stationery Guide: The Classics

Behind the “Save-the-Date” card is a kind of pre-invitation. As the name suggests, the point is that the guests keep this date free. You should therefore send these cards out 9 months before the wedding. There are several reasons for this:

  • Most couples get married in the warm spring and summer months, which is also the holiday season. And holidays are also booked several months in advance.
  • If couples want to get married in popular wedding months like May, then they have to secure this date early anyway.
  • Overnight accommodation for guests from abroad must also be organized in good time.
1645701590 556 The great wedding stationery guide With 100 inspirations - The great wedding stationery guide: With 100 inspirations

The actual invitation should be sent out no later than 6 months before the celebration. If there was no “save-the-date” message, then of course even earlier. Other classics in wedding stationery that should be coordinated are place cards, menu cards and seating plans as well as church books. Online ordering services often offer the complete package in the same style.

But getting creative yourself is also an option. Designing or refining the cards yourself can often save a lot of money. In addition, these individually designed stationery are absolutely unique and will be remembered.

Thank you cards are a good way to look back and to say thank you to the guests who celebrated this day with the bridal couple. It is best when they are designed in the style of the invitation cards. You give your guests a special treat if you enclose a group photo.

1645701590 12 The great wedding stationery guide With 100 inspirations - The great wedding stationery guide: With 100 inspirations

Wedding stationery guide: styles, ideas and templates

Of course, in our wedding stationery guide, we also want to offer you lots of ideas and inspiration that you can coordinate wonderfully with one another. You can also design a lot yourself and you will find a large selection of DIY templates to download from us.

All templates for wedding stationery for free download

Special ideas for your wedding stationery

If attention to detail is your thing, then you can really let off steam with your wedding stationery. A sweet sign on the Prosecco table with the inscription “Mint, syrup, raspberries … pimp your prosecco” is a delightful detail that is guaranteed to make every guest smile. You can also easily make boxes or bands for tears of joy handkerchiefs yourself. If the bride is already pregnant at the wedding, you can integrate this into the wedding celebration in an ingenious way with a “baby gender reveal”. Buttons for “team girl” and “team boy” are sure to bring a lot of fun to the wedding party. As well as a baby gender guess and a pink and blue fingerprint tree. If you’re an animal lover, then you’re sure to be happy to include your faithful companion in the ceremony. So why shouldn’t he get a nice tag to wear for it? To entertain the guests, you could provide photo tasks to scratch off. Your guests have fun and you get funny photos as a souvenir. An idea for a guest book alternative is a message in a bottle with ready-made congratulations. Let yourself be inspired a little in our picture gallery.

Templates for tissue boxes and sleeves to download

Flower confetti cone templates to download

Guest Book Template to Fill Out – Free Download

Message in a bottle as a guest book alternative – template for download

Template for DIY cutlery bags and tags

DIY scratch-off photo activity template

DIY garland to download

Download personalized can label templates

Downloadable Bridal Car Tin Can Label Templates

Notebooks for “Her Words” and “His Words”

For the wedding vows, the bride and groom think about very beautiful, personal and important words. These are definitely worth packing nicely and not just ending up on folded paper in your jacket pocket. In addition, you will definitely want to keep the beautiful wedding vows – they belong in a noble notebook.

Church booklets and welcome booklets

At a church wedding there are pieces of music, readings, a sermon, the wedding ceremony, intercession, etc. You should have all of this ready for the guests to read along in a church booklet. Your guests will definitely be happy about a welcome booklet. It is entirely up to you what content you want to use for this. But remember: A welcome booklet with personal content is a nice reminder for yourself years later.

A few ideas for the content in your welcome booklet:

  • Program Sequence
  • your common address
  • Pictures from your years together
  • Thanks to the guests
  • your vows
  • Instructions and wishes for guests taking photos
  • your wedding saying
  • A fact sheet (date of meeting, 1st date, falling in love, engaged, married, etc.)
  • The family’s reactions to the marriage proposal
  • and much more

Free welcome booklet templates to download

Free church booklet templates to download

Favor Tags

You can also show special attention to detail with the tags for the guest gifts. The more lovingly these are designed, the more appreciation you show your guests.

Sweet Table Labels

Some imaginative, sweet creations probably actually need a label to write on. But in many cases it is simply about the taste component. If you don’t like lemon or marzipan, you don’t want to fill your plate with them. Plus, those little pretty captions look so adorable! You just have to have that.

wedding signs

There is something very distinguished and noble about a large welcome sign for the wedding. But also any other signs, such as for labeling the candy bar, the guest book, etc. create beautiful eye-catchers.

Free wedding sign templates to download

seating plan

For big weddings it is essential: the seating plan. This is also something you can make yourself with a bit of skill.

Download templates for DIY seating plan

table numbers

With the table numbers you can pick up the motifs and colors from your wedding stationery very nicely.

place cards

You can also get very creative with place cards. How do you like, for example, place cards in the form of tea lights? Practical and romantic.

Free lantern place cards to download

Templates for DIY place cards to download

menu cards and drinks menus

You can have menu cards ready for each guest at their place, or you can just put one in the middle of the table. Tip: For a place decoration with a wow effect, it definitely looks great if there is one on each plate.

As you can see, wedding stationery is much more than boring paperwork. You have no limits. There is guaranteed to be the right thing for every taste in terms of material, color combination or style options. Noble, chic, simple or colorful – just as unique, personal or sustainable. Be aware: If you are dedicated to ensuring that an overall concept runs through from start to finish, this will enhance your wedding enormously. The bridal couple can add their own touch or save money by designing it themselves. Special and unique wedding stationery will remind the bridal couple and their guests of this special day for years to come.

Don’t forget it, pin it!

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