The most beautiful wedding photos with children

Parents’ love for their children is the only completely unselfish feeling.
(William Somerset Maugham)

They always provide action, make us laugh and are simply the funniest, cutest and most ingenious wedding guests of all time – the kids! They love walking in with the bride as flower girls, they romp in the back row and make the whole wedding party laugh with their jokes. Because kids make for the best (photo) moments at weddings, we’re putting them at the center of this article. Our favorite snapshots from these wedding photographers are:

♥ Uschi Kitschke wedding photography
♥ Kim Dresewski Photography
♥ Thorsten Koch
♥ Julian Dörr – kurznach12-fotografie
♥ hoch3fotografie

Uschi Kitschke wedding photography

Uschi Kitschke wedding photography about unique wedding moments:

“You will experience so much at your wedding. There will be so many great moments, so much emotion, so much excitement and so much Love & gratitude! There are so many feelings pounding down on you that it is impossible to consciously notice and remember everything. That is why I would like to take this off your hands and take this with my camera Capture unique moments and for you hold in wonderful pictures. “

Kim Dresewski Photography

Kim Dresewski Photography about her work as a wedding photographer:

Reportage-style photography is a reflection of my personality. I feel what I see I am a photographer because it gives me one Canvas for emotionality offers. Feelings should be so clearly visible in my pictures that they can also touch strangers, and that’s why I am particularly enthusiastic about the moments in which you not looking at the camera“Become part of a whole and yet remain the focus.”

to saveThe most beautiful wedding photos with children - The most beautiful wedding photos with children

Kim Dresewski Photography

Happy Family, captured by Kim Dresewski Photography

Thorsten Koch

Thorsten Koch on his photography style:

“I have a natural, soulful and unobtrusive style of painting, where I am in the middle of the action at the same time. Ideally, you will not even notice me at the most important moments, so that the guests are not distracted and are completely with you. All around I like to mingle with your guests and also fulfill their little photo requests. “

to save1632463511 558 The most beautiful wedding photos with children - The most beautiful wedding photos with children

Thorsten Koch

“A wedding can be really boring …!”, Recorded by Thorsten Koch

Julian Dörr – briefly after12-photography

Why Julian Dörr photographs weddings:

“The festive mood on the big day, the wonderful dress, the flowers, the decorations, the cake – all the little details of the wedding are unfortunately transient. But the wedding pictures are not. They will tell about the big day for generations to come. To accompany a bridal couple on this special day and the Capture emotions photographically For me, being allowed to do so is the most beautiful job in photography. I tell this unique story in pictures. “

to save1632463511 449 The most beautiful wedding photos with children - The most beautiful wedding photos with children

Julian Dörr – briefly after12-photography

“Uh, they’re kissing again!” Captured by Julian Dörr – in short after12-fotografie

Julian Dörr – briefly after12-photography


Daniel & Andreas about their role as wedding photographers:

“As a photographer we love love and are enthusiastic about the many emotional moments that play out during the first look, during the wedding ceremony, at the champagne reception and at the wedding party. We are there for you and support youby laughing, crying, partying with you and calming you down when you are nervous and excited. During the day we are sometimes in the middle of the action and sometimes invisible. “

to save1632463511 286 The most beautiful wedding photos with children - The most beautiful wedding photos with children


Practice early: A real “Titanic moment”, captured by hoch3fotografie

In your opinion, which of these wedding photographers does it best to authentically capture the emotions on the wedding day? Contact the wedding professionals and make an appointment!

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