The perfect bridal jewelry: 80 beautiful ideas for every style

The perfect bridal jewelry 80 beautiful ideas for every style - The perfect bridal jewelry: 80 beautiful ideas for every style

The selection of wonderful pieces of jewelry is endless. And that’s a good thing – especially for brides. So that you can get an impression of which styles are available and which type of jewelry goes best with them, we have collected 80 wonderful ideas for you. This will make the selection a little easier for you, what suits your taste and type. Every woman is guaranteed to find her perfect bridal jewelry.

Classically elegant bridal jewelry

If you want to make your bridal look clean and straight, then delicate pearls are the absolute classic. If you opt for subtle jewelry with only a few stones, then you can combine beautifully lush hair accessories. Or even if your dress is very eye-catching or has a lot of lace, then the perfect bridal jewelry is classically elegant so that the bridal look does not look too overloaded.

The perfect bridal jewelry in boho style

With a bridal styling in Boho style, on the other hand, it can be more conspicuous. With ornate earrings, multi-layer chains and flower bracelets, you can create beautiful bridal looks in a trendy bohemian style. Hand chains are just as casual, and they also go very nicely with it. Even simple but large pearl earrings can be combined very nicely with them.

Bridal jewelry for the edgy bridal style

Practically anything is allowed with edgy bridal styling – more is more. Big, black eye-catching earrings are also welcome. But an edgy wedding usually offers an abundance of impressions with irrepressible flower arrangements and dramatic, dark color combinations. The perfect bridal jewelry for an edgy bride can therefore also be reserved, for example to let exciting smokey eyes or seductive red lips act as a highlight.


The perfect bridal jewelry in ethnic chic style

This style mixes Native American, Arabic and Asian elements. An African touch is also welcome. Accordingly, feathers, chains made of fine leather cords and arm chains made of wooden beads can be used for this bridal styling. The same applies here: It can be more.

Bridal jewelry with a vintage touch

Sweet and playful jewelry or subtle pieces of jewelry can be combined very nicely with a vintage wedding dress. Even more eye-catching jewelry with stones can go wonderfully with it. The perfect bridal jewelry in vintage style can also be something different and perhaps consist of fine fabric, such as adorable earrings in the form of fabric flowers.

The perfect bridal jewelry: southern and oriental

Jewelery with ornate, oriental-looking workmanship is ideal if you want to give your bridal styling a touch of 1001 nights. It looks absolutely gorgeous when such patterns are discreetly incorporated into the jewelry. The classic for oriental-looking jewelry are of course the head chains.

Eye-catching bridal jewelry for the hair

Another option is not to rely so much on necklaces and earrings, but on hair accessories. It can be very exciting to create an eye-catcher in bridal styling with an eye-catching but tasteful hair accessory. Above all at a flamenco wedding, lush flowers should not be missing in the hair.

Even more inspiration for the bride

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