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At first glance, thistles don’t seem like flowers that you put in a flower vase. But in the right combination you ensure a wonderful shine in the vase. Find out more information about man litter here!

Botanical name: Eryngium

Genus: Thistles

Plant family: Umbelliferae (bot. Apiaceae)

Occurrence: temperate and warm areas
The blue thistle is an ornamental plant. It not only convinces its viewer with its rich color, the spiky bracts shaped like a ruff, which look like punched out of metal with their steel-blue nuances, sparkle magically in the sun. The noble thistle, also known as man litter, belongs to the umbelliferae family. The generic name man litter is said to come from the use of field man litter as an aphrodisiac and love magic root.
Most species of the noble thistle grow in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. In our regions, the alpine man litter, which is also known as curly thistle and field man litter, is best known.

Did you know that the thistle is a popular plant for coats of arms? Like the rose and the lily, it is one of the most famous heraldic flowers. Thistles are, among other things, the national flowers of Scotland and can be found both in the coat of arms of Scotland and in the Scottish Order of the Thistle. The thistle also made it onto the coat of arms of the French city of Nancy.

Care tips for thistles

The thistles are very easy to care for. It is enough to put them in fresh water and cut them fresh every few days.

Thistles man litter Bloomy Blog - Thistles (man litter) -

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