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Tinker Christmas cards 5 DIY ideas HEROLD BLOG - Tinker Christmas cards: 5 DIY ideas - HEROLD BLOG
Give joy with self-made Christmas cards. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) Christine

During the Christmas season, we think of our loved ones and family members who may live in another city or even in another country. Even in the digital age, you can the personal greeting card for relatives do not replace with an e-mail. And especially in times of Social distancing It’s not just grandparents who are happy about one lovingly designed Christmas card in the mailbox. We hope you enjoy making it!

Tinker Christmas cards: 5 ideas

First things first: You can get a large selection of cardboard paper in different thicknesses for your self-made Christmas card in any well-stocked stationery store. You will certainly have scissors and glue at home. Then you can get started with our 5 DIY ideas for your individual greeting card for Christmas!

1. Make Christmas cards: on the fly

1638448081 198 Tinker Christmas cards 5 DIY ideas HEROLD BLOG - Tinker Christmas cards: 5 DIY ideas - HEROLD BLOG
You can stick any Christmas motifs on simple cardboard paper. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) themiex

A classic: Christmas motifs (e.g. Christmas tree, snowflakes) can be cut out of colored construction paper and stuck on the card. Alternatively, you can Wrapping paper, Tea towels, handkerchiefs or other materials with an attractive pattern use. Felt also looks great. You can get a large selection of craft felt at the hardware store, for example.

Further materials, which for classic Christmas motifs we offer: decorative fleece, tracing paper, printed magazine paper, adhesive tapes, etc.

2. Make Christmas cards: with watercolors

1638448082 520 Tinker Christmas cards 5 DIY ideas HEROLD BLOG - Tinker Christmas cards: 5 DIY ideas - HEROLD BLOG
The simplest possible motifs are recommended for watercolor paintings. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) Khaneeros

You can also include an atmospheric Christmas card Watercolors or Watercolor paints to make. Painting with watercolor requires skill and a little experience, which is why we recommend simple watercolors when in doubt. Applied thinly, they have a similar density of color that lets the background shine through.

You can use this effect as a stylistic device by first drawing in the contours of your motif with a black felt pen or ink pen. An example of how you can design your card this way is shown here:

3. Make a Christmas card: with iron-on beads

1638448085 749 Tinker Christmas cards 5 DIY ideas HEROLD BLOG - Tinker Christmas cards: 5 DIY ideas - HEROLD BLOG
Iron-on beads are back in fashion and can also be used for Christmas motifs. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) phreich

Another classic that brings back childhood memories: Iron on beads. With you you can create great 3D motifs that set no limits to your imagination. All you need is ironing beads in different colors, baking paper and of course an iron. After you your Desired motif (Snowflakes, Christmas balls, fir trees, wrapped small gifts), put a layer of baking paper on top and carefully iron over it at a low heat level. The iron-on beads melt and stick together.

It is best to use thick paper or cardboard for your Christmas card. Your finished Iron-on bead motif you then glue it to the front of your greeting card with superglue or hot glue. Looks great and is guaranteed to be fun!

You are currently very much in trend with iron-on beads. Countless playful design options make iron-on beads an absolute hit in the DIY sector. In Vienna, for example, you can get them either in a well-stocked stationery store or in one of the Thalia bookstore’s two megastores.

4. Make a Christmas card: with buttons

1638448086 505 Tinker Christmas cards 5 DIY ideas HEROLD BLOG - Tinker Christmas cards: 5 DIY ideas - HEROLD BLOG
Tinker Christmas card: With old clothes buttons for your unusual high relief. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) themiex

If you have boxes of clothes buttons lying around at home: With colored buttons all sorts of things can be done. For example, you can glue or sew them onto your card as hanging Christmas balls. You can add a suitable drawing (e.g. a Christmas tree) with a black fineliner, for example. In no time at all you will have a Christmas card with an appealing 3D look.

For your high relief you can too toothpick or cork use. For example, you can cut a wine cork into circular slices and paint it with watercolors or a felt pen.

5. Make Christmas cards: with photos

1638448088 324 Tinker Christmas cards 5 DIY ideas HEROLD BLOG - Tinker Christmas cards: 5 DIY ideas - HEROLD BLOG
Everyone is happy about it: a Christmas card with a photo of the family. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) jc_studio

Over the years we take countless photos with our smartphones. You could, for example, take the best snapshots into one collage put together and use it to design your Christmas greeting card for grandparents or other relatives.

If you are in a hurry: Many drugstores and photo labs also offer a corresponding service on the Internet. Here you can simply upload your selection of family snapshots and design the end product yourself.

HEROLD I wish you a lot of fun and a merry Christmas with the family while making your individual Christmas card! If you are still looking for great gift ideas, we can recommend the following articles:

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