Tips for the Corona Wedding 2021 in the Munich area

Tips for the Corona Wedding 2021

Should we or shouldn’t we? This question occupies almost all bridal couples in 2021. Corona makes it almost impossible to plan for the long term. For the last year, it seemed like the virus was taking a break during the summer months. In addition, in 2021 there is hope that everything will get better with the vaccination. Two views to celebrate the wedding despite Corona. The wedding decorator Christoph Anzer from Munich is getting more and more inquiries. Two trends can be seen for the Corona wedding: The wedding is planned outdoors. Or you reflect on the wedding for two and treat yourself to something very special. Some of the guests take part virtually in the Corona wedding. The Munich decorator has put together a few tips for you on these two trends.

Tips for the Corona Wedding 2021 in the Munich area - Tips for the Corona Wedding 2021 in the Munich area

Planning and decorating the outdoor wedding properly

An outdoor wedding makes sense in Corona times. After all, the risk of infection in the fresh air is extremely low and you want to protect your loved ones. But if you decide to have an outdoor wedding in Munich, you should always have an emergency plan. Even in midsummer there is no guarantee of weather. What if a thunderstorm comes up during the party? As an experienced wedding decorator, Christoph Anzer knows that a roof and four walls are also indispensable for a garden wedding. A plot with a large gazebo or a room with large windows would be the perfect solution. Examples that come to mind are the enchanting La Villa on Lake Starnberg, the Seehaus in the Englischer Garten and the rustic Gasthof Walba near Regensburg. A tent can also be the ideal solution for a garden wedding. It can be heated if necessary and can be beautifully decorated with a wedding decoration. Speaking of outdoor wedding decorations, there are a few things to consider here. The wedding flowers and all decorative elements must be attached in a windproof manner. Real candles, for example, need glass protection. And the scent plays an important role in the choice of flowers. After all, you don’t want to attract bees or other insects with the beautiful flowers. We know all the intricacies of outdoor wedding decorations. Of course we can also organize a tent with assembly and dismantling for your garden wedding.

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The exclusive Corona wedding in your own four walls

Make yourself beautiful for two. Why shouldn’t a decorator wonderfully decorate your own four walls for the wedding? We create a romantic atmosphere, decorate your dining room for the wedding feast. Countless candles illuminate the house and the garden. The bedroom is made unforgettable for the wedding night. Christoph Anzer and his team of florists get active like little elves as soon as you make your way to the registry office. You return to your very private wedding location. If desired, relatives and friends can take part in the unforgettable Corona wedding virtually. On request we will make the wedding bouquet for you, decorate the car, if possible the registry office and of course your personal wedding location. Corona may make planning a wedding difficult. In any case, we create an unforgettable setting.

Contact us. With wedding flowers and wedding decorations by Christoph Anzer, your wedding will also be unique.

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