Tips for the perfect accessories for a wedding

For many couples, one thing is certain: their own wedding should be the most beautiful day of their lives. In order for this wish to become a reality, good planning is required. In addition to the wedding location and the guest list, numerous things have to be arranged. Including the perfect accessories, because they make the wedding a special experience.

The perfect wedding: timing matters

Some have had a precise idea of ​​their wedding ceremony since they were children. Some dream of a large-scale wedding with their entire family and friends, others like a marriage only with their closest confidants. But no matter whether a beach wedding in the Maldives or a garden wedding in a boho look, the wedding stands and falls with the groomsmen and helpers. Because only these people enable a smooth planning and process of the wedding. Usually it is also the groomsmen who advise the bride and groom on the selection of wedding clothes and the matching accessories.

For example, the groom can wear an elegant piqué vest under his tailcoat, which is combined with the perfect accessories such as the bow tie and a discreet wristwatch with a high-quality watch strap, as available on watchband-berlin.com. In any case, the wristwatch is an important accessory at a wedding, because the right timing is crucial here. Neither the groom nor the groomsmen should do without this accessory, because who wants to see a waiting bride standing at the altar?

For long nights: wedding shoes between chic and comfortable

For many couples it is certainly of secondary importance which shoes they wear to their wedding ceremony. There are many points, such as the selection of the wedding dress, that seem much more important. But without comfortable footwear, the wedding ceremony and the subsequent wedding celebration will be a disaster. After all, the bride and groom are on their feet all day. The styling takes place in the morning, followed by the greeting of the guests and the subsequent wedding ceremony. Depending on what is planned, the photo shoot may take place after the wedding, but also wedding games, a festive meal and the obligatory wedding dance. No matter how the sequence of the wedding goes, the bride and groom are on their feet all day. If you don’t want to do without the chic pumps, you can pack comfortable shoes for the rest of the day.

An eye-catcher: coordinated accessories for the bride and groom

The bride and groom can show off their love and solidarity with coordinated accessories on the day of the wedding. For example, while the bride wears a subtle floral headdress, the groom could wear the same boutonniere on his tuxedo. Often it is the little things that show love: a bracelet or a chain with the other person’s initials. Or an appearance in the same colors of clothing amazes the guests: a cream-colored tuxedo and a tight-fitting A-line dress in cream. If you like it a little more unusual, you can opt for a striking headdress in the form of extravagant hats or the extra-long veil. In addition, it doesn’t have to be classic bridal clothing, how about a traditional costume look or medieval robes? The nice thing is that the wedding is individually tailored to the wishes of the bride and groom!

The bridal bouquet: flowers perfectly staged

What would your dream wedding be without a beautiful bridal bouquet? Flower accessories always take the wedding to another level. Whether roses, lavender or sunflowers, the favorite flowers should not be missing in the arrangement or in the accessories of the bride and groom. The bridal bouquet in particular complements the bridal outfit. It is also an important accessory that attracts a lot of attention. Especially since the bridal bouquet seals one of the most important wedding traditions after the ceremony: the bridal bouquet throw. Wedding guests present who are female and unmarried gather behind the bride. She throws her bridal bouquet around and the lucky catcher will be next in front of the altar, according to the symbolism.

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