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Tuition Vienna Proven successful institutes - Tuition Vienna |  Proven successful institutes
Tuition in Vienna: tricky math problems no longer cause headaches. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) lassedesignen

Everyday school life begins again for many pupils in September. The pressure of performance and grades is then the order of the day for many children. However, many students have problems following the lesson (not least because of distance learning). In order to be able to call up the required performance, more and more schoolchildren are therefore making use of additional tutoring lessons. According to current surveys, 37 percent of the students received in the past pandemic school year Tutoring. Since free tuition at school (around 4 percent) is negligible, most parents dig deep into their pockets and get involved paid tuition for their children. If your child also needs tuition, the HEROLD has researched the best addresses for you.

Tuition Vienna: When is tuition useful?

Whether your child needs tuition always depends on the individual case. Many children have 1-2 subjects in which they have mild or more pronounced weaknesses. In Austria these are mostly the subjects mathematics (almost 50%) and English. In any case, tutoring should be considered when the first problems and weaknesses in certain subjects can be recognized. If you wait too long, it often becomes almost impossible to make up for the learning deficits. In general, there is currently a trend towards regular tutoring in order to achieve more sustainability in learning success. Around 60 percent of the students who take private tuition attend this over a longer period of time.

Tuition Vienna: The types of offer

In addition to individual and group lessons, two more have developed with mobile lessons and online tutoring Teaching models successfully established:

  • One-to-One Lessons: One-to-one tuition is by far the most expensive form of tutoring. The tutor can fully concentrate on a student and specifically address their weaknesses. Therefore, with this form of tutoring, the learning success is also greatest in most subjects.
  • Group lessons: The cheaper option compared to individual lessons is tuition in small groups. Usually there is a tutor two until five Pupils. With this group size, institutes observed similarly good learning outcomes as in individual lessons. The learning success is usually noticeably worse only from a group of eight students. This form of tutoring is particularly advantageous when it comes to living foreign languages, as there is oral interaction between the students.
  • Mobile tutoring: Some tutoring institutes in Vienna also offer lessons outside of their own premises. For one Surcharge of five to fifteen eurosDepending on the distance, the individual lessons take place at home. The advantage of this variant is obvious: the student has no travel stress, saves time and the stress level is significantly reduced. Tutoring institutes such as mobile tutoring and home tutoring have specialized entirely in this model.
  • Online tutoring: This model is suitable as additional support for normal tutoring or for short-term exam preparation. Likewise for students in rural areas where no suitable teacher is available for certain subjects. Pupils for whom a classic tutoring offer is difficult to access due to long travel times, or who need special flexibility, also benefit from this model. However, the prerequisite for learning success is that the student knows exactly what he wants and can muster the appropriate self-motivation.
Tuition Vienna Proven successful institutes - Tuition Vienna |  Proven successful institutes
Tutoring is already useful when the student shows the first weaknesses in an object. Photo: unsplash; (c) Annie Spratt

What do you pay for tuition?

The price level for tutoring in Vienna is sometimes very different. A price comparison can reduce costs by up to 50 percent.

  • One-to-One Lessons: The average price is just above 34 euros per hour and ranges from 20 to 60 euros / hour.
  • Small groups: The average price is included 19 euros per hour and moves between 7 and 33 euros / hour.

When making price comparisons between individual institutes, you should keep the following aspects in mind:

  • Recommendations: Do not consider the first available offer, but first inquire whether this tutoring has already been successful. Experiences from friends and acquaintances are just as helpful as serious reviews on reputable online portals.
  • Timeframe: Courses with a larger number of teaching units are usually cheaper. Many institutes offer appropriate packages, ie the more hours are booked, the better the price-performance ratio.
  • Graduated prices: Some tutoring institutes offer graduated prices for group lessons depending on the number of school children in the group, i.e. the more students there are in the group, the lower the price. If your child has classmates who also need tuition, savings could also be made in this way.
  • Commitment periods: Inquire at the tutoring institute whether there are binding periods. Some companies only offer low prices with a minimum commitment of five to 10 units. In this case, consider whether your child really needs that long tutoring.
  • Duration of the lessons: Don’t forget to include the duration of the lesson when comparing prices. The duration of the lesson usually varies between 45 and 120 minutes per unit.
  • Tutoring subject: The subject in which the tutoring is required can also influence the price. Most institutes offer the classic tutoring subjects (math, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Latin and German) for the same price. Less popular subjects such as physics, accounting, business administration and other foreign languages ​​are only included in the course program of around half of the providers. Surcharges are occasionally charged for these subjects.
  • Age and school level: Price differences due to age and school level play a role in around 25 percent of the institutes, with tutoring for the AHS upper level at the top of the price hierarchy.
  • Trial lesson: Before starting longer courses, it is advisable, if possible, to arrange individual trial lessons. Then the student can give feedback as to whether the tutor suits him with his methods or not.
  • Certification: Some tutoring institutes have an ISO or TÜV certification (seal of quality) and offer their own learning material.
1632441948 31 Tuition Vienna Proven successful institutes - Tuition Vienna |  Proven successful institutes
Almost 50% of Austrian school children need tutoring in mathematics. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) Dan Race

Tuition Vienna – the best providers

Here we provide you with the best Tutoring institutes in Vienna that have received very good reviews from their customers or have a good reputation.

Mobile tutoring

the Mobile tutoring Vienna comes to your home and teaches or supports your child in their familiar environment. The mobile tutoring relies on one-to-one tuition, as experience has shown that this has proven to be the best. The material can either be developed over the long term or refreshed selectively (before school work, tests or even the Matura). The mobile tutoring also offers intensive courses during the holidays

Price: One-to-One Lessons: Between € 44 and € 58 per 90 minutes Unit (from 20 appointments)

Contact: Mobile tutoring, 1020 Vienna

IMF learning aid

The has been a reliable tutoring institute for decades IMF learning aid. It offers both one-to-one tuition as well as second tuition and group tuition. The prices vary depending on the school level and time unit. Primary school and lower school pupils get the tuition cheaper than upper school pupils or even students. 60-, 90- and 120-minute units are offered. If you book 5, 10 or 15 units in a row, the price is also reduced. You can find a detailed price breakdown on the IMF Lernhilfe website.


  • Individual lessons in elementary school & lower level: € 38 per 60 minutes Unit /
  • Individual lessons upper level: € 40 per 60 minutes unit
  • Group lessons: € 17 (Elementary school & lower level) or € 18 (Advanced level) pro 60 minutes unit

Contact: IMF learning aid, 1020 Vienna


The LernQuadrat is now one of the classics among reliable tutoring institutes in Vienna. The tutor of the LernQuadrat have years of experience. They don’t come to your home, but they now have so many branches in Vienna that it is usually only a stone’s throw to one of these locations. Branch offices are located in the 2nd district, 3rd district, 4th district, 10th district, 11th district, 12th district, 13th district, 18th district, 19th district, 21st district, 22nd district ( Seestadt) and 23rd district.

Prices: One-to-one lessons from € 36.60 per 50 minutes.

Contact: LernQuadrat, 1060 Vienna

1632441948 866 Tuition Vienna Proven successful institutes - Tuition Vienna |  Proven successful institutes
In Vienna there is a suitable tutoring institute for every subject. Photo: Adobe Stock, (c) Zlatan Durakovic

Learning 8

Thanks to learning 8, numerous high school graduates have successfully passed their high school diploma in recent years. Learning 8 prefers individual one-to-one tuition for € 37 per hour, but holiday courses and high school graduation courses are also offered in mini-groups of 2 or 3 students. Another high-class offer is the dyslexia training with tests and recognized reports as well as individually tailored training plans.

costs: One-to-one classes at € 37 per 60 minutes unit

Contact: Learning 8, Society for Complementary Education, 1080 Vienna, 1090 Vienna

LeLe moving learning

If you need special tutoring for an elementary school age child, LeLe Moving Learning could be an option. The learning content is specially designed for primary school children and takes into account the still rather short concentration span in this age group. In addition, the learning material is prepared for the children on different levels (visual, kinesthetic, auditory and haptic), since every child has a different learning type. The lessons are also fully tailored to the Viennese population and are therefore offered in German, English, Turkish and Arabic. Curiously, the prices for high school and elementary school students are a little higher than for lower school students.


  • One-to-One Lessons: € 22 (4th grade elementary school / lower level) or € 25 (1st to 3rd grade elementary school / upper level) per 60 minutes unit
  • Pre-school course: € 17 per 90 minute session

Contact: LeLe, 1190 Vienna

Here you can find the best tutoring institutes in your state:

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