Tulips – | Flower tips and more

Tulips - | Flower tips and more

Botanical name: Tulipa

Genus: Tulips

Plant family: Lily family (bot. Liliaceae)

Occurrence: North Africa to Europe

Tulips are one of the most popular cut flowers for a reason. Their diversity of species is astonishingly large: classically goblet-shaped, elegantly lily-flowered, tall and slender, as a graceful wild form, feathered, flamed, filled in bunch or as a soloist – they are all beautiful! The origin of their name can be derived from the Turkish “tülbend” and the Persian “dulband”, which originally referred to a turban. The meaning of the term was probably transferred because of the similarity in color and shape of the tulips to the turban scarves customary at the time of distinguished Ottomans.

Tulips have a very special property: They continue to grow in the vase, or even when they come into contact with water again.

The tulip triggered a real mania around 400 years ago. Because tulip bulbs changed hands in the Netherlands for exorbitant prices and were even traded on special exchanges for tulips. Even today, the tulip is one of the most popular spring flowers of all. 5000 different varieties are known. Depending on the variety, the tulip shoots its bell-shaped flowers from the bulb between March and May. And nowhere has the tulip become so symbolic as in Holland. It is a genus of plants in the lily family and spreads in North Africa across Europe to Central and Central Asia.

Central and Central Asia are considered to be the home of the tulip. If you gave away the tulip that grew wild in Persia, it was considered a kind of declaration of love. From there it came to Turkey, where it was hotly committed and still is. To this day it is considered a national flower as well as a symbol of life and fertility. Enjoy the first warm and invigorating spring days and see your fill of the blaze of color.

Care tips for tulips

When you arrive, cut the tulips fresh and then place them in a vase with cold water. Make sure that the tulips in the vase drink a lot and that the water can be gone quickly overnight! If you check the water level every day and place the flowers in a not too warm place, you can enjoy the full for a long time Colors and the wonderful scent!

Tulips Flower tips and more - Tulips - | Flower tips and more

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