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Urban jungle – a trend that is spreading more and more. With green houseplants you can transform your dreary room into a home for Mowgli, Balu & Co. Words like Monstera and Madagascar Palm have ruled the internet for quite some time. But what are the advantages of such an urban jungle, and how can you create a green island of happiness for yourself?

Urban Jungle with our Plant Buddies Bloomy Blog - Urban Jungle with our Plant Buddies -

The urban jungle is considered a new oasis of wellbeing. With their jungle-like charm, the green plants bring a new trend into your own four walls. A trend that not only looks beautiful, but is also good for you. The fresh green of the plants helps to improve concentration and motivation – it also lowers the stress level. You have been able to get inspiration for designing your own jungle on Instagram for some time. There is not much you can do wrong here. The green plants match every style of living and create your personal oasis away from the gray city.

In addition to a great look in the room, your plant buddies also ensure a good oxygen balance. Especially in the big metropolises, such a balance to the outside world can be of great benefit. For everyone who wasn’t careful in biology class, here is a brief summary: Green plants convert CO2 into oxygen and can reduce pollution by 50 to 70 percent. In addition, they are great as filters for germs and dust particles, which they pull out of the air in the long term and bravely fight for you. So the green plants not only look great, they also have something to offer.

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Our plant buddies can help you with the implementation of your own urban jungle. With Mats, for example, you are right on trend – it also belongs to the Monstera family and is causing quite a stir with its nibbled leaf look. With the other plant buddies, the Monstera “Monkey Mask” can transform your apartment into an urban jungle and make you a trendsetter among your friends. You can find more about Rudi, Pascal and Co. in our blog entry “Our plant buddies.” This post contains everything you need to know about our buddies. From model measurements and favorite varieties to tips on how to deal with these gentlemen, everything is available.

So, what are you waiting for? Finally take a deep breath and create your own stress-free oasis with green plants!

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