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This week we bring you natural playfulness and wild exoticism! Our BLOOMS of the week “Urban Jungle” awaken thoughts of a sunny stroll through the meadow and provide a casual, happy accent in every room!

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Rarely to be found in bouquets – and that’s why we’re here this week – the delicate one Martagon lilywhich is also known under the name of the Turk’s Union Lily. The rather atypical type of lily has eye-catching flowers that are reminiscent of tiny turbans from a distance and enchants with a purple to brown-red hue and dark speckles of color. The origin of the name is easy to guess: “Martagon” is derived from the Turkish “martagan”, which describes a new type of turban and provides information about its special flower shape.

While the Martagon lily used to be mostly found on alpine meadows and mountain slopes and its distribution extended over Europe to Siberia and Mongolia, it is now an indispensable part of gardening culture. The filigree lily species is also very popular with the animal world: at dusk, the Martagon exudes a sweet, heavy scent that attracts numerous species of butterflies that use the nectar of the flower. A wonderful fragrance also at home or in the office!

The second flower in our BLOOMEN of the week is a rather inconspicuous one: Ammi Visnaja, too Episcopal herb called. It originally came to Europe as a weed from the Near East and North Africa and was soon discovered here as a medicinal plant. Particularly noticeable is its huge flower plate, which can be up to 12cm tall and is covered with tiny white flowers. The wildflower prefers warm areas, which is why it is now cultivated here, but is rarely seen north of the Alps.

The bishop’s herb creates a natural, playful accent in flower arrangements and is therefore often used here in the summer months.

Together, the BLOOMEN of the week result in a harmonious composition, as if freshly picked from the meadow – a bouquet that brings the beautiful, wild side of nature home to us!

Our vase recommendation for “Urban Jungle”

For this bouquet we recommend a high table vase with a rather wide opening to give the flowers the space they need to unfold.

We wish you a great week and a lot of fun with “Urban Jungle!

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