Valentine’s Day 2016: ALL OF ME –

Valentine's Day 2016: ALL OF ME -

Sorry dear men, this Valentine’s Day is primarily about women! ?

“We would like to use the upcoming Valentine’s Day to think about ourselves again – because we do that far too seldom.”

In the following you will find 4 tips from our editorial team – including flowery gift ideas – to spoil ourselves on the occasion of Valentine’s Day! Because getting roses or another bouquet from a friend, husband or secret admirer is super romantic and great! But giving time for yourself and pampering is also important and healthy! So this year we’re taking Valentine’s Day into our own hands!

1. Sort out

Do you know what frees right? Sort out! Regardless of whether it is a wardrobe, a desk or on the computer. Because by parting with old things, we create space for new ideas and creativity. So we use this Valentine’s Day to free up space and energy by sorting out!

The following rule of thumb should be followed: Everything that has not been used for 1 year can be removed. We know how hard it is, but you can do it! ?

Valentines Day 2016 ALL OF ME - Valentine's Day 2016: ALL OF ME -

2. Time for your favorite book

Was one of your good resolutions for this year to read more again? Then take the time to devote yourself to your favorite book on Valentine’s Day! This is not only good for you, it also helps enormously to escape the stress of everyday life. Immerse yourself in another world and let the noise of the streets and media fall away.

Valentines Day 2016 ALL OF ME - Valentine's Day 2016: ALL OF ME -

3. A tour with friends

Sledging? I? Yes, exactly! You loved it as a child, why shouldn’t it be just as fun now ?! Invite your loved ones and start your adventure. And if the snow doesn’t work out, our tip: A trip to the countryside, to the lake and into nature keeps you healthy and city children in particular enjoy it far too seldom!

1635667283 581 Valentines Day 2016 ALL OF ME - Valentine's Day 2016: ALL OF ME -

4. Going out & letting go

To end a beautiful day with the perfect evening, throw yourself into the nightlife with your best friends. Your favorite bar hasn’t been visited for a long time? Well then what are you waiting for? Grab your best friends and enjoy once again being able to chat with everything that is on your mind. Or simply move the girls’ evening home for a more informal atmosphere. Protected by your own 4 walls, you can behave yourself and play the embarrassing music you want!

1635667284 140 Valentines Day 2016 ALL OF ME - Valentine's Day 2016: ALL OF ME -

*** Gift ideas to pamper yourself! ***

So that Valentine’s Day is special and that you give yourself a gift for your ultimate pampering program, we are introducing you to our favorite gifts for this Valentine’s Day.

Flowers on a Valentine’s Day subscription

For joy that lasts, we recommend our Valentine’s Day flower subscription “A lot of me”. The flower subscription depends entirely on your lifestyle – because every woman is individual and should also be able to organize your flower deliveries as flexibly and freely. You decide when, how often and where to get your flowers. And even if you spontaneously take a wellness weekend – our flower subscription can be paused with a few clicks up to 48 hours before delivery.

1635667284 914 Valentines Day 2016 ALL OF ME - Valentine's Day 2016: ALL OF ME -


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