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Valentine’s Day Color Guide – Bloomy Blog

Colors have always influenced us humans. Almost everyone associates a specific color with an emotion or trait. Often these comparisons are subjective, however, there are generally accepted meanings for colors. In addition, each color conveys its own message in floristry. In our blog you will learn how differently colors are interpreted around the world and what message you express with flowers in a certain color.

What does white stand for:

Valentines Day Color Guide Bloomy Blog - Valentine's Day Color Guide - Bloomy Blog

In our Western understanding, white symbolizes purity and peace. A bride’s dress is kept entirely in white, because here the color testifies to the innocence of the woman. In the Far East, more precisely in China, white means something else. Here the color stands for death and the transition to the afterlife. Therefore, mostly white flowers are used as grave decorations there. White flowers have their own meaning depending on the type of flower: white roses stand for feelings that are not yet profound and are still developing. But also because you don’t really want to reveal your feelings just yet. With white roses, you convey this message “through the flower”. White lilies, on the other hand, stand for everlasting, endless love. The perfect message for all hopelessly in love and a good alternative to the classic red rose

What does red stand for:

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In Western culture, no color represents passion and love as much as red. It is also associated with joie de vivre and energy. In India, for example, it is considered the strongest color with the most power. In Russia, too, red is used to express strength and value, in China luck and wealth. In the world of flowers, as you can probably guess, red represents love, passion and adoration. The darker the red, the more intense and fiery the person’s feelings. The perfect choice for anyone who has a passion for someone and wants to express that feeling.

What does blue stand for:

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The color blue is often associated with the sea or the sky. Blue provides relaxation and can create inner peace. Anyone who has spent a day by the sea can probably confirm that. This is probably one of the reasons why this color is one of the most popular. In China, for example, blue represents the powers of heaven, but also immortality. We associate it with states such as calm and harmony, but also friendliness and courage. In floristry, blue flowers stand for consistency and loyalty.

What does yellow stand for:

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Yellow radiates warmth and energy like no other color. It is understood by many as the color of the sun and summer. In India, according to local tradition, yellow provides protection against evil and evil spirits. In Central and South America, on the other hand, yellow flowers are used at funerals. We associate it with life, light or even truth. Flowers of this color are said to bring comfort and hope. In general, yellow flowers represent friendship and happiness in Western culture. The perfect all-rounder to show someone unobtrusively: “I like you, stay the way you are”.

What does purple stand for:

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Violet forms the transition between blue and red and is therefore considered a mediating colour. Furthermore, no other color has such diverse meanings as violet! But that’s exactly what makes them so interesting. It stands for power, but also for passion and the immoral. In the Catholic Church, it symbolizes the connection between Mother Earth and the spirituality of Heaven. In Hinduism, on the other hand, dignity and individuality. Violet flowers are a symbol of almost magical attraction, uniqueness, appreciation and intimacy. In addition, they stand for femininity, but also for gratitude. The perfect gift for everyone who deserves a special “thank you”.

What does orange stand for:

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Orange represents warmth and light. In addition, the color is associated with embers – something that can flare up again at any time and is therefore a symbol of life. As a mixed color of warm yellow and passionate red, it also stands for creativity, strength and endurance. Incidentally, in Hindu and Buddhist countries, the name of the color does not derive from the fruit of the same name, but from the spice saffron. Before the triumph of the orange fruit in Europe, this color was referred to as “saffron”. So the color was named after the fruit. The deity Krishna is also represented in this color, which is why various clerics also dress in this color. Orange flowers, on the other hand, represent a solid and fulfilling partnership, as well as happiness and contentment in a relationship. So you want to say to your sweetheart: “It can go on like this, we belong together”? Then orange is the color of your choice!

What does pink stand for:

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Pink is a delicate color. Pink used to be associated with girls, just as blue was associated with boys. But before that, even earlier, it was the other way around: since pink was considered the “little red”, people associated this color with masculinity. Back then, girls wore more blue, derived from the Virgin Mary, who was usually depicted in a blue cloak. In the Orient, pink is still the color for men and blue for women. In the world of flowers, pink symbolizes romance, tenderness and longing. Unlike red flowers, pink ones represent the beginning of something big, maybe the beginning of a great love. That’s exactly the message conveyed with these flowers: “I like you, let’s see how it turns out”.

With these color explanations, it should now be easy to find the right flowers for the person of your choice. It doesn’t matter whether it’s friends, family or a partner: there is always a way to show affection for a loved one in an individual way. When choosing the right flowers, you can take a look at our shop, there you will surely find what you are looking for.

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