Signs show us where to go – and also as trendy decoration ideas for your wedding. Joke and charm in wedding decorations have long been in vogue and turn a wedding celebration into a unique event that your guests will remember for a long time. With funny signs and props in your flower decoration you give your decoration the final, funny-romantic touch and easily create unique decoration.

Decoration ideas with flowers


Flowers are part of the wedding and are probably the most popular decoration material for weddings – that’s not strange either, because roses symbolize love and what better reflects a wedding? Our bucket Brisbane Magic also combines the motto love – the delicate pink heart on the bucket makes it very romantic and therefore it is ideal for your wedding flowers and decoration ideas. Pink and red roses fill the Brisbane Magic bucket wonderfully – a few black decorative sticks hold the funny sign props in place. So it doesn’t take much for fancy flower decorations – buckets, four roses, granules and black decorative sticks – the basis for your flower decoration is ready, which now gets its wit with the wedding signs.

Signs for the wedding

wedding_decorative_shields01_dekoideenSo simple and so effective – you can find chic signs with matching slogans for the wedding in many internet shops or in the decoration store around the corner. We have found great guides to love: For example, the signs “I love her” and “I love him”, which harmonize wonderfully with the red flowers and bring real charm to the decoration. All you have to do is stick the signs into the granulate! Funny speech bubbles with different statements and sayings also go well with the floral decoration with bright red roses. “I do!”, “Xoxo” or a big heart in black and white are not only cool and retro, they also give the red flowers extra luminosity. Signs with “Mr.” and “Mrs.” Seal what is clear to your guests – this is about the bride and groom and the start in life together. Take a look around the decoration store to realize your decoration ideas – you are sure to find great props for your decoration!

What does your wedding decoration look like? Do you have other great decoration ideas? Then we look forward to pictures and comments Facebook.