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Wedding with floral arch decoration in the Munich area

Wedding with floral arch decoration

The flower arch or wedding arch has become an integral part of the wedding decoration. Saying yes under an opulent arch of roses is a long-cherished dream for many brides. The wedding arch is usually used at an outdoor wedding celebration. But the flower arch is also suitable for decorating the church, the registry office and the wedding location. Receive your guests under a flower arch and snap the first photos right away or surprise the newlyweds with a flower arch after the civil wedding. There are countless variations on how a flower arch can be designed. Christoph Anzer, the renowned wedding decorator from Munich, has some ideas for you and answers the most important questions about flower arches:

Wedding with floral arch decoration in the Munich area - Wedding with floral arch decoration in the Munich area

Which flower arches for the wedding are there?

There are fixed flower arches and temporary or mobile flower arches. The fixed floral arch is based on a trellis made of metal or wood. This is entwined with roses, ivy or other climbing plants and is additionally decorated depending on the occasion. Alternatively, the bare arched trellis can be decorated with flowers and other elements especially for the event. The fixed flower arch can be found in parks, in restaurant and hotel gardens and in special wedding locations. The temporary or mobile flower arch is created individually for the event for one-time use. The wedding arch is the focal point of the wedding setting. There is also the mobile flower arch. It is used to surprise the bridal couple after the church or civil wedding. This is usually tied from twigs and flowers.

How much does a flower arch for the wedding party cost?

The cost of a flower arch varies depending on the design. If the construction already exists and only the decoration is to be done, this is usually cheaper than the complete construction of a wedding arch. The choice of material and the flowers determine the price. Bow rental fees may apply. The decorator’s working hours and the current price of flowers shape the price of a wedding arch. Do you already have an idea of ​​what the flower arch should look like, maybe a photo from Pinterest? Then simply send them to us and we will provide you with a non-binding cost estimate. Alternatively, tell us your desired price for the flower arch and we will make a design proposal. For example, a wedding arch made of birch branches, decorated with lots of greenery, sunflowers and towels is much cheaper than a metal rose arch decorated with roses. With his many years of experience as a wedding decorator, Christoph Anzer guarantees that every variant is an eye-catcher.

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Three design ideas for a wedding arch

An inexpensive tipi wedding arch can be designed to match the trendy festival wedding. To do this, the decorator uses wooden poles that are arranged in the shape of the tipi tent. The staffs are decorated with flowers, leaves, fabrics and palm fronds, according to the bride and groom’s wishes. The wedding arch in a circular shape is also very trendy at the moment. The metal circle is opulently decorated with greenery and flowers in the color of your choice. A very impressive photo motif is a square arch of flowers, decorated with hanging tendrils of flowers such as wisteria.

Christoph Anzer creates a flower arch for your wedding ceremony according to your wishes. Contact usto discuss details for your wedding in the greater Munich area and a radius of around 100 kilometers.

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